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INFOGRAPHIC: Giving Tuesday 2017 Exceeds All Expectations

By Will Schmidt

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In 2016, Giving Tuesday raised a collective $177 million, generated 1.64 million total gifts, and recorded an average gift size of $107.69. Further, there were 2,399,092 total social media engagements around the nonprofit sector’s biggest giving day.

Giving Tuesday 2017, the sixth annual Giving Tuesday, blew 2016 out of the water. The annual giving day saw $274 million in total donations, while Classy recorded a total of 91,723 donors.

However, that’s only one piece of the bigger puzzle. So, we put together an infographic to showcase the success of Classy’s Giving Tuesday 2017, the organizations who helped make it our strongest to date, and some of the most striking data points. Plus, we added a fun holiday movie theme we think you’ll enjoy.

Check it out:

classy giving tuesday 2017 infographic

As the numbers show, Giving Tuesday is special for many reasons. Our recent dive into the data shows that it’s a goldmine for new donors, but also a strong way to kick off your year-end fundraising campaign by capitalizing on the momentum generated on Giving Tuesday 2017. So make sure to celebrate your success—you earned it.

Editor’s Note: For the purposes of data collection in this infographic, we kept our time frame in Central Standard Time. If you’d like the full picture of Classy’s Giving Tuesday 2017 data, head to the microsite below.

Giving Tuesday Resource Center

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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