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INFOGRAPHIC: Leadership Qualities That Build Strong Teams

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Published April 26, 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Positive team morale is vital for success in any industry but is arguably more important for nonprofits due to the high emotional stakes that are tied to an organization’s mission. One straightforward way to keep your team happy is through strong leadership. In fact, one study found that 65 percent of people would rather have a better boss than a salary increase. But to reap the benefits of great leadership you need to know what leadership qualities to look for in new hires and encourage in existing leaders.

To help organizations identify and create effective leaders, we’ve scoured surveys and studies to uncover some of the most important leadership qualities. Use this infographic to earn the trust of your employees and empower them to succeed.

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infographic leadership qualities

Ideally, all leaders would be the perfect combination of the traits listed above, but history has shown us that the most successful leaders often have their own styles. Some are more democratic and value open dialogue and group decision-making, while others are autocratic and prefer to make the main decisions and then have the team follow along and move onto the next step with them.

Find out which kind of leader you may be by taking the quiz below:

What Kind of Leader Are You?

In any case, remarkable leaders inspire their staff and create a culture of respect and empowerment. According to one study, 74 percent of employees with good managers feel empowered to be a leader in their workplace. Great managers equip their team with valuable tools to rise up to challenges and achieve optimal results.

Use these traits to build on your leadership skills, make your employees feel valued, and push your team to excel.

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Access the Collaborative Extended Sessions

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