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INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Demographics By the Numbers

social media demographics

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Published July 5, 2016 Reading Time: 2 minutes

While some nonprofits make social media a primary pillar of their marketing strategy, others still dismiss social platforms as “not for our audience.” The truth is, people of all ages and lifestyles use social media.  The vast majority of social impact organizations can use these channels to improve brand awareness, recruit new donors, and activate existing supporters.

The audience on each platform is slightly different, though. To invest in the social networks most relevant to your organization, it’s important to understand these differences. This social media demographics infographic breaks down the users of each platform by age, gender, and other characteristics. Use these insights not only to pinpoint which platforms your existing audience uses, but to explore how you can reach potential new audiences.


infographic social media demographics

Social media platforms are a huge opportunity for nonprofits to connect with and mobilize their community. It’s a simple way for organizations to stay top of mind for their audience and create a dialogue that moves people to get more involved.

But social media can also be a valuable fundraising tool. By marketing your campaigns and crafting posts that inspire people to donate, social networks can become a place for discussing and promoting solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

Social media platforms are also a huge tool for your fundraisers to leverage when soliciting their networks to raise money for your cause. With the Classy for Facebook integration, you can empower your fundraisers to boost their reach and raise more when they duplicate their Classy personal fundraising pages into a Facebook fundraiser. Check out our latest guide to learn how you boost your fundraisers’ experience so they will come back again, and how you can leverage the integration to amplify their fundraising and your own reporting.

Download Now: Classy + Facebook—A Guide to Boosting Fundraiser Retention

The Big Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

The Big Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

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