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Introducing Two WordPress Plugins for Classy Clients


By Terri Harel

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WordPress powers a large portion of websites by striking margins. Even the Classy blog runs on the popular content management platform. So, it’s not surprising that a WordPress plugin was widely requested when we rolled out the new Classy API.

The new Classy API is a powerful technology and its made easier with plug-and-play options like WordPress plugins. The WordPress plugin, for example, allows any nonprofit website that runs on WordPress to use the Classy API without having to write complex code.

That means you can take the data from your campaign page…


…And display it on your organization’s homepage or microsite…

Example of how WordPress plugins for Classy will display on a homepage
An example of a campaign progress bar, displayed on a homepage. The WordPress plugin uses the Classy API to pull information from your Classy campaign page and displays it on your WordPress page.

…by simply typing defined text (called a shortcode) into your WordPress page or blog post.

Shortcode example of the WordPress plugins for Classy
An example of a shortcode that will display a campaign progress bar for a specified Thought Project campaign.

How WordPress Plugins for Classy Work

The WordPress plugin utilizes the Classy API to fetch data from your Classy account and display it on your website. Think of it as a shortcut to the API. Instead of custom coding a progress bar or a fundraiser leaderboard, the plugin takes your unique account information and translates the data for you. Anyone on your team can create a new page or blog post on WordPress and use shortcodes (simple commands, like [classy-campaign-progress]) to get Classy data.

Two Current Options for WordPress Plugins

For the more technical folks: Classy has released a first version of our WordPress plugin. You can access it now on GitHub. The following shortcodes are available now, with plans to add more in the future:

  • Campaign Progress Bar
  • Campaign Overview
  • Individual Fundraiser Leaderboard
  • Team Fundraiser Leaderboard

For the plug-and-play folks: Classy partner Mittun built a WordPress plugin called Classy Press. They demoed their version of the plugin at the Collaborative and everyone’s face lit up at how easy it is to use. Starting July 14, you can access and download the Beta version via their site.

An example of a custom WordPress page using Mittun’s plugin. Image by Mittun.


This marks a first small step towards creating accessible ways for all nonprofits to harness the power of APIs to create unique supporter experiences.

For questions, suggestions, or integration ideas, feel free to email [email protected] or get in touch in the comments!

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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