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Girlstart Increased Donation Volume by 22% YoY on Classy


To increase girls’ interest and engagement in STEM by designing and implementing innovative, nationally-recognized STEM education programs


Raise adequate funds to connect more girls with STEM education programs every year


Leverage Classy’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform to extend its reach and raise more with the support of its donors

Our results on Classy have truly been the turnkey that we needed in order to go from word of mouth to an amplified national organization.

– Shane Woods, Executive Director

Results on Classy so Far This Year:


YoY increase in donation volume


overall conversion rate


YoY increase in average raised per P2P fundraiser

Girlstart provides a year-round, intensive suite of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education programs for K-12 girls. By utilizing Classy’s comprehensive fundraising platform, Girlstart can instill a high level of trust in its supporters by providing a streamlined donation process and showcasing the direct impact every dollar makes.  

Tapping Into Supporters’ Networks

According to Classy’s 2023 State of Modern Philanthropy report, 80% of people who give to a peer-to-peer campaign are new to the organization. This shows the power and potential of peer-to-peer fundraising as an extremely effective acquisition tool. With Classy’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform, Girlstart can tap into the networks of its supporters to inspire donations and help connect other young girls with a life-changing opportunity. 

Girlstart has transformed its fundraising processes on Classy in an upward trajectory. A fundraiser that generated $2,000 prior to Classy now generates $60,000+. The opportunities are endless, and Girlstart is taking advantage of every single one. 

Girlstart P2P page
Become a peer-to-peer fundraiser campaign page

Reaching More Audiences to Expand Its Mission

From the first touchpoint, Girlstart adds interested parties into their ecosystem and sets a communication train into action that sends out messages at the most opportune times. Coupled with Classy’s ease of use, multiple payment options, recurring giving tools, and more, the nonprofit is primed for increased revenue and amplified impact. 

We’re able to use every single element of the Classy platform to amplify our message in more sophisticated ways.

Shane Woods

Executive Director

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