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How Kesem Saved Over 100 Hours With Campaign Templating

young girl hugging camp counselor

The Mission

To support children coping with a parent’s cancer diagnosis

The Challenge

Strained time and resources and a lack of brand control motivated Kesem to streamline their fundraising campaigns

Kesem, an organization that supports children coping with a parent’s cancer diagnosis, partners with 140 colleges across the country. Each school runs an annual endurance event, in-kind donation drive, and spring gala on Classy to raise money to support their flagship program, Camp Kesem. Typically, the Kesem National team creates 420 individual campaigns, but with Classy’s campaign templating, Kesem standardized just three templates to use as a foundation for all associated 2021 fundraising initiatives. This saved their team over 100 hours.

What used to take nearly 300 people to accomplish, we can now do with just 16 sets of hands thanks to campaign templating.

Meag Donnelly Systems & Constituent Care Coordinator

Templating Enabled Greater Brand Control Nationwide

By creating a foundation for their campaign series, Kesem is able to experience greater brand consistency across all of its chapters and put more control in the hands of their program coordinators. The shift has not only allowed them to focus more on their constituent experience, but also boost donor retention. When inevitable changes needed to be made across all 140 campaigns, the Kesem team would previously edit each page one by one. Now, the edit can be made at the template level and get pushed down to all associated child campaigns saving them over an hour for each edit.

To continue serving their community, the team also plans to create a basic peer-to-peer template in the year ahead for supporters who would like to fundraise independently to support Kesem’s impactful mission whenever they wish.

Brand consistency is such an important part in helping Kesem become recognized on a national scale. That used to require manually creating, updating, and correcting hundreds of fundraising pages every year. Now with campaign templating, it only takes a few minutes.

Meag Donnelly Systems & Constituent Care Coordinator

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