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How Riley Children’s Foundation’s Year End Segmentation Strategy Increases Conversion


To inspire people to invest in pediatric research, care, and programs that support the physical and mental health of kids


Riley Children’s Foundation sought to utilize personalization and cross-channel marketing to optimize year-end fundraising success


With Classy and Classy for Salesforce, Riley Children’s created an integrated, multi-channel approach to optimize fundraising and donor communication

Results for Year-End Fundraising With Classy for Salesforce:


donations acquired


fundraising increase

Getting Organized for Giving Season

Riley Children’s Foundation supports children by funding pediatric research, education and care, leading to accessible and exceptional healthcare. During year-end, Riley activates loyal donors and advocates to drive fundraising and expand brand awareness to new audiences.

With giving season on the horizon, Riley Children’s Foundation leverages Classy for Salesforce to create an integrated, multi-channel approach to optimize fundraising and donor communications. With Salesforce, they are able to get a unified view of their supporter data and generate dynamic reports of key audiences. By utilizing Classy, personalized give suggestions are crafted based on the donor’s giving history and acquisition source.

Donors are segmented by their giving totals within the last fiscal year, lapsed status, giving circles, brand affiliation, and past campaign participation.

Three Classy donation pages are developed with optimized gift arrays in alignment with donor segmentation and acquisition source. Riley Children’s Foundation then personalized email marketing sent via Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) to drive donors to the aligning donation page based on their giving behavior.

Donors are presented the same gift suggestions in email. Classy pass-through parameters enable Riley to pre-populate the selected gift amount on the corresponding donation page, reducing conversion time. For their loyal donor segments, Riley leverages Classy custom questions to capture the donor’s interest in planned giving opportunities and nurture those leads to increase their contributions.

To get the most out of their segments and data, Riley Children’s Foundation goes a step further by using Classy’s Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations, as well as source codes, to track giving for each segment and evaluate campaign performance. This allows them to leverage this data optimize year-end campaigns consistently. 

Specialized Content Drives Constituent Engagement

In addition to utilizing Pardot to send personalized emails, Riley Children’s Foundation also creates a unique strategy around storytelling and content to further boost engagement on social media and their webpages.

To unify campaign messaging across marketing channels, three grateful patients are selected to have their stories told. Unique Classy donation pages are created featuring each child. Supporters who click a child’s ad are led to the donation page customized to feature that same child’s story.

While their Giving Tuesday campaign is baked into their year-end strategy, it has unique elements that allow for specific engagement on Giving Tuesday itself. To start, Riley Children’s Foundation created a unique Giving Tuesday web address (www.RileyGivingTuesday.org) that directs to a Classy crowdfunding campaign, keeping the audience updated on the progress made towards their fundraising goals.

During the year-end campaign, Riley advocates act as email senders and signatories. Grateful patient families participate in social content, which include visible progress of the campaign, milestone celebrations, and consistent messaging.

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