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Recurring Donations Reach 45% of Stadia’s Online Revenue With the Help of Classy


To prepare leaders to start thriving churches that intentionally reach the next generation of believers, spreading the hope of Jesus farther than ever before


Find a new fundraising platform to help it acquire and retain new donors and drive its mission forward


Classy’s world-class peer-to-peer tools enable Stadia to bring in new donors and retain them through a robust care plan

Now, we can report on basically everything we want. We switched to NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) so that Classy and Salesforce could work even better together, and Classy was the driving force behind this change. Thank YOU!

– Laura Pedroni, Director of Information Technology

Results on Classy in the Last Year:


of online revenue is from recurring donations


peer-to-peer conversion rate (25% higher than industry average)

A Smooth Rollout to a New Fundraising Platform

While in search of a fundraising platform that was more user-friendly, both for the marketing and development teams and supporters, Stadia found Classy. The seamless migration process, modern features, development of new functionality, and integration with Salesforce sealed the deal.

The transition to NPSP saved the Stadia team over 20 hours, which used to be spent manually cross-checking Excel spreadsheets. This time saved is even higher during Stadia’s major fundraising season. 

Classy and Salesforce’s bi-directional sync allows a near real-time sync that matches data in both systems. Since the data is trustworthy, all contacts are matched in Classy and Salesforce, and supporters can keep their own information, like their address and credit card information, updated. 

Peer-to-peer Fundraising Brings in New Recurring Donors

Since joining the Classy community, Stadia has been growing peer-to-peer fundraising as part of its overall fundraising strategy to help acquire new donors. Every staff member at Stadia has an annual fundraising goal, so they can quickly set up a fundraising page for the annual “Go The Extra Mile” fundraiser and appeal to their networks via the built-in social sharing capabilities. 

The team utilizes templates to keep the branding consistent across fundraising pages, and a seamless checkout process that offers multiple payment options makes it easy for donors to give. The ease of fundraising, sharing, and giving on Classy helped Stadia bring in 100 new donors from this campaign last year and achieve a peer-to-peer conversion rate 25% higher than the industry average!

Classy has been hands-down the best tool that keeps us modern and looking fresh. Peer-to-peer fundraising, that’s been supported in Classy, has helped us tap into networks and find donors who share our vision. We’ve even heard from donors that their giving experience has been quick and easy!

Laura Pedroni

Director of Information Technology

Stadia’s peer-to-peer fundraiser, “Go The Extra Mile”

In addition to the “Go The Extra Mile” fundraiser, Stadia staff members participate in quarterly fundraising work days, where they spend time connecting with potential donors to highlight Stadia’s mission impact. These staff-based initiatives act as entry points for not only new one-time donors but also donors who want to give on a regular basis, and they help the staff achieve their fundraising goals. 

Out of its total online revenue on Classy, recurring donations make up 45%. With Classy and Salesforce, Stadia has trustworthy data and can build a comprehensive communication strategy for its recurring donor base.

At Stadia, we have a robust care plan that celebrates donor generosity. Through segmented marketing campaigns, e-newsletters, and staff-led updates, we seek to ensure that donors who give on a monthly basis are well-informed of the impact they are making.

Laura Pedroni

Director of Information Technology

Raising More Dollars to Plant More Churches

Stadia exists to help start new, thriving, growing, and multiplying churches for the next generation, and their services are totally free to church planters, the individuals who establish new congregations. The more they are able to raise and the more donors they bring in to support their mission, the more they are able to spread the hope of Jesus even further.

This year, Stadia is planning even more peer-to-peer fundraisers, one of which will be an organized trek to Machu Picchu. Each fundraiser will have a Classy fundraising page and individual and team fundraising goals, and they will finish off the fundraising season with a trek!

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