PODCAST: How Can Proactive Cancer Screening Influence Your Future?

By Tori Callahan
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Sarah Storey decided to leave a 19-year career in the for-profit world because of her personal experiences as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. In 2014, she officially signed on as the President of Bright Pink.

One of Sarah’s top priorities at Bright Pink is making bold, measurable changes in the world of breast and ovarian cancer. A big part of this goal is encouraging women to take proactive measures when they’re young and healthy. If you wait until you’re diagnosed, the fight gets that much harder.

“There are plenty of efforts that are put into treatment, advancing the cause for folks who are actually fighting the disease,” says Storey. “Those efforts are really meaningful, but we’re not satisfied to wait until that point.”

The more you know now, the better prepared you are to take action and reduce your risk of breast cancer. If Bright Pink didn’t attempt to reach these young women, they feel it would be a missed opportunity to save lives.

That sense of duty influenced the development of Bright Pink’s self-assessment tool, assessyourrisk.org. Launched in 2015, over 500,000 women have taken the comprehensive, 19-question risk assessment for both breast and ovarian cancer.

We won a Webby Award for best user interface for assessyourrisk.org this year,” says Storey. “We are figuring out how to use technology to help us deliver our mission, and to do it in a way that is very consumer-friendly, compelling, and attention-grabbing.”

In this episode of the Classy podcast, Sarah discusses:

  • The benefits of screening earlier versus later
  • How Bright Pink educates the medical industry about proactive screening
  • New methods of diagnosis in the medial industry
  • Why men need to care too
  • Opportunities to improve the screening process for the industry

Resources Mentioned on the Show

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