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The Top 5 Best Nonprofit Websites


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Published May 22, 2023 Reading Time: 8 minutes

Donors from anywhere in the world can find your organization online. Your nonprofit website is the face of your mission and an opportunity to make a first impression that leads visitors to take action that supports your cause.

Our donor trends report Why America Gives showed us that 60% of donors said they’re most likely to visit a nonprofit’s website to do research before making a donation or fundraising on a charitable organization’s behalf

You probably already have a website, but how can you be sure it moves the needle for supporters, partners, board members, and potential employees? That’s where this post comes in to help you out. 

Below we dissect five of the best nonprofit website examples and what makes them stand out.

The Simple Anatomy of a Great Nonprofit Website

Let’s start with a breakdown of what makes a nonprofit website stand apart. 

Make an Impression

User experience is everything. Picture a curious internet browser looking to learn more about climate change or a passionate supporter who clicks on your site from an Instagram story their friend shared about your new program. 

Nonprofit website visitors can come from anywhere, on any platform, browser, or device. Thinking about the many paths to arrive on your homepage helps you craft an experience that’s smooth for everyone. One extra click or confusing call to action (CTA) can be enough to send someone looking elsewhere. That’s why the details, such as button colors and font, make a big difference. 

Also, consider the website content and visuals that greet people: 

  • What are the first things they see and read? 
  • Is it immediately clear what you do and why they should want to be a part of it? 


Your website is where you can use the best infographics, videos, images, and design elements available.


Tell Your Story

It’s time to tell your story in the most authentic and relatable way to showcase why your mission exists and the impact it makes. 

Everything from your homepage to your “about” sections and program overviews should feel consistent to ensure easy navigation and the best user experience overall.

Even the most beautifully-written webpage can go unread if it’s too overwhelming. Think about the most critical information on each page, then lean into typography and styling that draws the eye to one heading or section at a time. 


Provide a Clear Call to Action

Now that you’ve hooked your visitors to learn more, create that feeling of connection and purpose within them. The last piece to a successful nonprofit website is to give them a clear way to take action on those feelings through giving donations, taking part in volunteer work, fundraising, attending upcoming events, or sharing your work.

Every webpage should include unique CTAs that are clear and relevant to what comes before them. It begins with the most important CTA on your homepage to capture interest quickly and direct visitors where you want them to go. 

For many nonprofit organizations, a streamlined online donation form or timely donation page is the most valuable action visitors can take. For anyone not ready to take action, include social media links and contact information to keep them in the loop.

Learn From 5 Nonprofit Website Examples

Now that you have the anatomy of a great nonprofit website in mind, these five examples show you what it looks like when it all comes together. 

1. The Sarara Foundation

The Sarara Foundation’s minimalist color scheme and calming web design bring its story to life and drive supporters to join the community.

Make an impression 

Site visitors land on a simple visual complemented by impactful language to welcome them. The language is thoughtful and descriptive while remaining concise enough to scroll through and keep people wanting to learn more. 

nonprofit-website-exampleTell the story

A clear “Our Story” section of the website navigation menu pulls on visitor curiosity. Within this tab, users are encouraged to watch a video that immerses them in The Sarara Foundation’s story and other educational resources. 

A beautiful mixture of text and visuals follow the initial impression to teach potential supporters about the organization’s work to preserve large tracts of biodiversity that, in turn, create prosperity and opportunity for indigenous communities. The nonprofit website design remains consistent with every other page a visitor may explore. 

Provide a clear call to action

From anywhere on the website, visitors can see a clear How to Donate button that leads them to a page where an embedded, flexible donation form is ready to use. Interested supporters can complete an impactful one-time donation based on suggested donation amounts or start a monthly giving program with the organization to strengthen their impact in a matter of clicks. 

Did you know that Classy customers who enable embedded donation forms routinely see donation conversion rates twice the industry average?

2. Just One International

Just One International presents a website example full of color and creative visuals to share its mission and attract new donors.

Make an impression 

The first thing visitors see on this organization’s website is a thoughtfully arranged display of images they can connect with and grow curious about supporting through various community-oriented programs.

Tell the story

Once users enter the page, they’re inspired to continue immersing themselves in the stories of those who benefit from Just One International’s work. The bold header and intentional white space draw the eye to keywords and programs the nonprofit organization hopes to highlight. It also highlights testimonials to bring natural language onto the page and hopefully motivate a new audience to stay on the website.

Provide a clear call to action

Just as visitors begin to see what Just One International is all about, they’re offered several ways to take action based on their intent. Supporters can dive right into becoming a sponsor, making a team donation, or choosing to follow along on social media or through its nonprofit newsletter. With so many options, there’s more opportunity for people to continue their experience with the organization at a pace that’s most comfortable for them.

3. charity: water

Charity: water’s website appeals to anyone stopping by for the first time or returning to give again, regardless of the device they use to get there. 

Make an impression 

From the first page visitors land on, there’s a powerful image, a clear explanation of the organization’s impact, and a donation form to contribute to that. The website is also mobile-friendly, so supporters can find what they need within a few scrolls.

Tell the story

Beyond the first impression, charity: water gives website visitors substantial numbers to quantify its efforts and explain the meaning behind its many projects to support clean water. Among the many clean water organizations, nonprofit organization tells its story through the beneficiaries and outcomes built around its mission and shares that in an eye-catching infographic.

Provide a clear call to action

From the first impression to the main donation site, supporters are always seconds away from being able to complete a donation. They also have many options to get involved through a monthly donation program, corporate sponsorship for special projects, cryptocurrency donations, and more. A wide array of subsequent possible actions meets any donor where they are.

4. Second Harvest Madison

Second Harvest Madison’s website is a standout example of balancing bold visuals, powerful storytelling, and a humanistic feel.

Make an impression 

Visitors can understand what Second Harvest Madison is about in seconds, followed by bold text that speaks to the nonprofit mission statement in just two strong words. Donation buttons in red attract attention quickly and draw interest.

Tell the story

The story continues with a proud display of the organization’s impact through its work as a community food bank. Confident and assertive language tells visitors they found an organization they can count on to produce a significant impact as they grow more intrigued by the opportunity to participate.

Provide a clear call to action

Thoughtful language continues to invite supporters to get involved in various ways based on their preferences. Visitors can take significant action with peer-to-peer fundraising on behalf of the organization or start with an e-card to kick-start their involvement.

5. The Greater Boston Food Bank

The Greater Boston Food Bank pairs its love of helping a community in need with branding and language to match that sentiment.

Make an impression 

A soft color choice of purple opens the door to new visitors’ experiences on this website, paired with a visual of a young beneficiary demonstrating just how important the organization’s mission is. It also has a big red button with the call to “Join Us,” making visitors feel at home.

Tell the story

Once visitors begin scrolling, they can quickly see why this food bank makes waves in the Boston area. The mission is clear, followed by design blocks designated to specific areas of impact that explain it one step further.

Provide a clear call to action

Thoughtful language continues to invite supporters to get involved in various ways based on their preferences. Visitors can take significant action with a peer-to-peer fundraiser on behalf of the organization or start with an e-card to kick-start their involvement.

5 Quick Reminders for Your Nonprofit Website 

Here are some final tips for nonprofits looking to create or reimagine websites.

  1. Take advantage of website builders like WordPress that give you templates to build a dream website without coding or graphic design skills. 
  2. Focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to bring new traffic to your website that already shares an interest in your work.
  3. Leverage modern fundraising technology to help you set up a donation page that matches the look and feel of your website with a donor-first experience. 
  4. Bring your website design, videos, animations, images, and branding to life with tools like Canva for nonprofits as you picture a fresh look to resonate with supporters.
  5. Make your website the hub of your nonprofit marketing approach to build a complete experience for your donors.

Complete Your Website Experience With Classy

We hope you’re inspired to offer new supporters a memorable experience, from first impression to transaction completion. Classy’s fundraising tools complement your website and bring curious visitors to a donation experience that leaves them feeling connected to your cause. With mobile-optimized donation forms and modern embedded donation modals, you have the simplest way to convert website visitors into donors and advocates at your fingertips. 

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