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The New Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: What You Need to Know

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Published March 21, 2023 Reading Time: 3 minutes

On March 14, 2023, Salesforce announced exciting news about the first release of its new Nonprofit Cloud solution. This release reflects the platform’s investment in best-in-class nonprofit technology and continued commitment to the sector. 

As a long-standing partner, Classy is excited about what this means for nonprofit organizations and continues to work with Salesforce to empower and propel the sector forward.

Learn what functionality the Nonprofit Cloud currently offers, how your organization can benefit, and what’s ahead on the Cloud’s 2023 roadmap. 

Introducing the New Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Rather than continuing to layer nonprofit applications on top of the Salesforce platform, as the software has historically functioned, the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is built into the platform’s core. 

A variety of industries are serviced by Salesforce industry-specific Clouds, like Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Education Cloud, and more. This new Nonprofit Cloud solution allows access to innovation across all Salesforce industries.

With this unified view of cross-sector innovation, paired with a streamlined data management solution, nonprofits can reimagine how to scale their impact. 

What Is Currently Available Through the Nonprofit Cloud?

To date, Salesforce has catered to organizations’ unique needs by delivering more than 14 purpose-built packages on top of its platform. Salesforce will maintain support for its existing offerings, including the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), in addition to its new solution.

The new Nonprofit Cloud is first focusing on program management and case management, with fundraising, grantmaking, engagement, and outcomes planned to release later this year. 

Additionally, Salesforce is excited to announce that the new Nonprofit Cloud innovation will be included in its Power of Us program, which grants eligible nonprofit and educational organizations discounted access to Salesforce products and resources. 

Why Did Salesforce Launch the Nonprofit Cloud?

Salesforce for Nonprofits was created with the intention to help nonprofits build donor relationships that drive change. 

With existing donor management dashboards, email campaign automation, grant management tools, and more already included in its extensive list of CRM offerings, Salesforce’s new Nonprofit Cloud will provide organizations with an even simpler way to produce and measure outcomes. 

Classy and Salesforce: Our Partner Vision

As a core partner, Classy has been working alongside Salesforce to deliver impact-driven solutions and world-class support for the nonprofit sector for over a decade. Classy’s leading integration and partnership with Salesforce drives innovation and delivers unprecedented value in the space. 

Classy for Salesforce remains a holistic, empowering solution for the sector with renewed dedication and strength driving forward. We continue innovating together and have been at the front of this new solution, remaining committed to our goal of delivering optimal customer value as the Nonprofit Cloud progresses.

More details about Classy integrating with the new solution will be announced closer to the release of fundraising in the Nonprofit Cloud later this year, and we will share any developments of our solution as they become available. 

Note: Classy continues to innovate for customers using the Classy for Salesforce integration and NPSP solution. Check out our Classy roadmap training to hear specific deliverables for the current solution coming this year.

Build Relationships That Last With the Latest Fundraising Technology

The online fundraising ecosystem can become overwhelming, but doing your research to understand which tools are best suited for your nonprofit’s unique needs will help keep your organization on track.   

Your nonprofit’s top priority is telling your story in a way that resonates, inspiring supporters to give now and give again. With Classy and Salesforce as your partners, your team will master the art of storytelling and manage your fundraising operations with ease, leading to greater organizational impact.  

We are excited about the growth opportunities this new solution brings to organizations everywhere. Classy is dedicated to serving the nonprofit sector and delivering alongside Salesforce to mobilize and empower the world for good. 

Together, Classy and Salesforce can help you establish and nurture the meaningful relationships you need to serve your communities today and for generations to come. 

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