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How to Turn $10,000 of Free Google Advertising Into Online Donations Every Month

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Published January 29, 2016 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Cameron Ripley is CEO and Co-Founder of Community Boost Consulting, a digital marketing agency that exists to empower social ventures that want to change the world. Over the past 30 days alone, the Community Boost team has managed more than $250,000 in Google Ad Grant spending and sent more than 145,000 website visitors to amazing nonprofit websites.

If a nonprofit only has resources to execute one online marketing activity, it should be Google Ad Grants for nonprofits.

The biggest missed opportunity in online marketing for so many great nonprofits is taking full advantage of this program. Through Google Ad Grants, approved 501(c)3’s can receive $10,000 in free Google Ad spend every single month.

How Does Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits Work?

A Google Ad Grant is not like your typical nonprofit grant. Getting approved for $10,000 in free Google advertising every month takes less than 72 hours.

So what does a $10,000 Google Ad Grant really mean for your organization?

In essence, it means you can consistently drive more than 5,000 new website visitors every single month. That means 5,000 new people can learn about your organization’s mission, programs, and how to help your cause impact the world, every 30 days.

Can Google Ad Grants Really Increase Online Giving?

Wounded Warrior Homes (WWH), a San Diego based nonprofit that provides transitional housing for US Military Veterans who are battling post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), implemented Google Ad Grants on December 29, 2014 and their online fundraising efforts have never been the same.

WWH Online Fundraising 2014 to 2015

Implementing Google Ad Grants is the number one reason WWH’s online fundraising efforts have skyrocketed by more than $77,000 in just one year’s time. In November of 2014, WWH received just 1,276 website visitors. In November 2015, after implementing and executing on Google Ad Grants, WWH received 17,666 website visitors. That’s more than 14,000 people who found WWH’s website after searching terms like:

  • “How can I help veterans?”
  • “What causes PTSD?” and even,
  • “Donate to veterans.”

Talk about online fundraising success!

What’s The Secret?

Google Ad Grants is not a magical faucet of online donation revenue. But it is an incredible way to get your cause in front of new people who can be touched, moved, and inspired by your mission.

So, what is the secret to turning Google Ad Grant website traffic into ACTUAL online donations?

Instead of getting people to donate online, the secret is to use Ad Grants to build your email list.

The nonprofits that are using Google Ad Grants to its fullest potential do not just send traffic to their homepage; the leading nonprofits send much of their Ad Grant traffic to relevant landing pages focused on building their email list and building new relationships with supporter leads.

Moms In Prayer International (MIP), a faith-based nonprofit organization, uses Google Ad Grants to generate more than 500 new email subscribers every single month. Their ideal donor searches in Google for terms like, “prayers for my children” or “prayers for my child,” and through Google Ad Grants, they are sent to a highly relevant landing page that encourages visitors to download a prayer guide.

Moms In Prayer International (MIP)

Once a visitor subscribes, the prayer guide is automatically delivered to their inbox. The relationship with Moms In Prayer immediately begins and the MIP marketing and development team can now continually educate their new supporter—through email marketing—on how to get involved with the organization, as well as how to donate to future MIP campaigns.

By using Google Ad Grants to consistently build your nonprofit’s email list with hundreds of new supporters every month, your organization will be able to educate and convert your new email subscribers into online donors.

Ad Grant Ad >> to New Site Visitor >> to Email Subscriber >> to First-Time Online Donor

That’s the real secret to Google Ad Grant success.

How Do We Take Google Ad Grants to the Next Level?

After six months of rocking your organization’s $10,000 Google Ad Grant, your organization might be eligible to apply for Google Ad Grants PRO. If you are accepted into the program, you can receive $40,000 each month in advertising.

Unlocking Google Ad Grants PRO and receiving $40,000 in free monthly ad spend means your organization can send upwards of 25,000 new website visitors every 30 days.

Talk about scaling social impact.

Here at Community Boost, we have a 100 percent approval rating for getting our qualified Ad Grant clients approved for the PRO level. The toughest metric your organization will have to hit to qualify for PRO is to spend at least $9,900 of your allotted $10,000 budget in 2 out of 6 months. Here is a link to the full list of required Ad Grant PRO qualifications.

It’s time to take full advantage of Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits.

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