How to Level Up Your Recurring Giving Program [VIDEO]

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Recurring donors are over five times more valuable than one-time donors, but how do you maximize the impact of your recurring giving program, especially at the given size of your nonprofit today? You can focus on branding, communication, user experience, storytelling, or the technology you use, but at the core of all of these options is to learn from fellow nonprofits who are doing it well. 

Opportunities for nonprofit leaders to share their innovative ideas can be far and few between, which is why Classy created the Collaborative—to help nonprofits foster connections and build relationships that will empower them to grow their programs and ultimately raise more money to fund their missions.

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At the 2019 Collaborative, Classy’s managing editor, Elizabeth Pun, held a panel with Tracee Henneke, the development manager of sustainability at Mobile Loaves & Fishes, and Angie Moore, the chief individual fundraising officer at CARE, to dive into how their respective nonprofits approach their recurring giving programs. 

These nonprofits differ largely in size and cause category, but their unified goal, to grow and maintain robust recurring giving programs, resulted in a riveting session which we’re sharing with you today.

Watch the session to hear these two industry experts discuss: 

    • The importance of uniquely branding your recurring program
    • How to identify, segment, and target donors for your recurring giving program
    • The top acquisition channels and strategies they have used to see growth 
    • Why you should focus on retention as much as acquisition
    • Potential strategies to decrease cancellations
    • And much more!

Watch the Session Now

For more insights like these, access the extended sessions library from the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions, where you can watch all the recordings from the event—as well as over 20 bonus sessions that weren’t shown during the event—and get expert insights like the video above. 

Watch Now—Collaborative: Virtual Sessions Recordings

We look forward to hosting the Collaborative again next year in some capacity. Go to and sign up to be the first to get details on our 2021 event.

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