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Published April 28, 2021 Reading Time: 5 minutes

We’ve always greatly appreciated our clients’ enthusiasm for Classy for Salesforce and Classy for NPSP and their willingness to provide us with feedback on how the integrations can improve. It’s that feedback that helped inform our most recent Classy for Salesforce and Classy for NPSP releases.

Our team has decades of experience building on Salesforce. We understand what the specific customer issues are and have heard loud and clear from our users that they are looking for more flexibility and options when leveraging Salesforce’s Duplicate Management rules. Our latest release speaks to our support of our customers’ diverse perspectives on how to best utilize Classy for Salesforce for their organizations’ needs.

Tim Gumto

Classy for Salesforce Product Manager

Classy for Salesforce Version 6.7, released in December of 2020, offers a whole new look and feel for the Classy for Salesforce Control Panel. Our latest release, Classy for Salesforce Version 6.8, has made huge strides in our already robust contact matching feature set by including three additional email fields for matching functionality in Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and offering an option to choose which Classy data (supporter address or billing address) to check against for existing contacts.

We’re also excited to announce our latest update to Classy for NPSP, Version 1.4. This release includes an update to GAU allocations and new recurring frequencies amounts.

Let’s dive into the details of these new features and how they’ll help improve your overall Salesforce experience.

Classy for Salesforce Version 6.7: New and Improved Control Panel

The new Classy for Salesforce Control Panel pulls your Salesforce performance metrics front and center, allowing you to easily access the health metrics associated with your Salesforce instance, like System Configuration, Latest Sync Issues, API Credentials, and Resources. You can now update your package directly through the Control Panel under “Recommended Installations” instead of having to update in Classy Manager.

This update is particularly useful given that the end users of Classy for Salesforce aren’t always the same people on your team working directly in Classy Manager. Classy is proud to constantly work towards improving the user experience, and we hope you’ll find this update supports your overall ease of use.

Classy for Salesforce Version 6.7

Classy for Salesforce Version 6.8: Improved Contact Matching Functionality

We know that ensuring your organization maintains a clean database of donors and donations is crucial to your ability to successfully engage with supporters. That’s why we’ve prioritized improving the contact matching options for Classy for Salesforce users.

In Classy for Salesforce Version 6.0, we rolled out Enhanced Contact Matching. Rather than only being able to do contact matching by a supporter’s email address, this update added the ability to use the “Duplicate Management” setting in Salesforce, so your nonprofit could define what matching rules to have in place to define if a contact should be matched to an existing Salesforce contact.

With Version 6.8, we’re taking this another step further and addressing the top two requests we’ve gotten from our Classy for Salesforce customers. We’re happy to now offer our customers Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) email fields matching functionality and the option to choose which Classy data (supporter address or billing address) to check for existing contacts. Below, we describe the benefits of both in more detail.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Email Fields Matching Functionality

Before this update, if you were using Classy for Salesforce and wanted to perform matching against NPSP’s custom email fields in a Duplicate Management rule, you could only use the standard Salesforce Email field. With this update, you can create rules to check against the three additional email fields in NPSP (personal email, work email, and alternative email).

To enable these options, go to Settings > Account & Contact Management > then toggle on NPSP Email Matching. Anyone with an active Classy to Salesforce account will have access to this setting, not just Classy for NPSP users.

This greatly reduces the number of duplicate contacts created because the feature pulls from a larger data set. We know that in today’s day and age, supporters oftentimes have multiple email addresses, so we’re happy to offer this option to your organization to help streamline the deduplication process.

Option to Choose Which Classy Data to Check Against

When your supporters make a donation through a Classy donation form, they have to submit their personal address (labeled “supporter address” on the platform) and a billing address for their payment method. With this update, we’re giving you the option to choose between using the supporter address or billing address as part of a Duplicate Management rule.

In the past, we used the supporter address to create a contact, but some organizations asked us to use the billing address instead, assuming it would be a supporter’s most up-to-date contact information. However, after this switch, we heard from some organizations that they’d actually prefer using the supporter address, as sometimes a supporter’s billing address isn’t their own.

Regardless of whether you decide to match against the supporter address or billing address, Classy for Salesforce will always populate the billing information custom fields on an Opportunity, so the billing data will still be available if you choose to use Supporter data for Contacts.

This latest update is in direct response to your feedback. You now have the power to choose which contact makes more sense for you and your donors.

Classy for NPSP Version 1.4: GAU Allocation Update and New Recurring Frequencies

In Classy, your campaigns support the ability to create multiple Program Designations and allow your supporters to choose where their donation will be allocated within your organization. With the update to GAU allocations in Classy for NPSP Version 1.4, the Program Designations in your Classy campaign will now be correctly reflected to the GAU allocation listed on your Salesforce Opportunities. If you already have the “Enable GAU Allocation Integration” enabled in your Classy for Salesforce Control Panel, this update will automatically be reflected in your account after you upgrade to Classy for NPSP Version 1.4. If you don’t have this feature enabled, upgrade to Classy for NPSP Version 1.4 and go to your Control Panel to toggle on this feature.

We also recently rolled out new recurring donation frequency options within Classy to include yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly recurring donations frequencies. With the release of Classy for NPSP Version 1.4, whether you’re using NPSP’s Recurring Donations object or Classy’s Recurring Donation object, both will reflect the new recurring frequencies options.


At Classy, we’re proud to continue to improve our software for your organization’s use. While we’ve shared the latest Classy for Salesforce updates in this post, there’s still more on the horizon. We hope these latest Classy for Salesforce features help your nonprofit continue to work hard toward your mission. As always, please let us know what you think of the updates and reach out if you need support.

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