A Smarter Way to Fundraise: Explore Classy’s Fundraising Intelligence Suite

Classy for Facebook

Give your fundraisers the ability to expand their reach and multiply their impact by seamlessly integrating their Classy fundraising pages to Facebook. Other integrations available: Meta Pixel and Meta Conversions API.

Boost Your Impact

Couple Classy Peer-to-Peer fundraising with Facebook fundraising to reach more people and increase your impact exponentially. Make the process easy for your fundraisers and keep them motivated to exceed their goals. Whether they fundraise through Classy or Facebook, their progress remains in sync and you get a holistic view of how your fundraising campaigns are performing across platforms.

Raise More With Classy and Facebook

  • Fundraisers can seamlessly boost their reach by duplicating their Classy fundraising page to Facebook.
  • Immediately reach new networks of donors who want to support their friends’ fundraising goals.
  • Create segmented lists to message fundraisers who are utilizing both Classy and Facebook, or target those who haven’t yet tapped into their Facebook networks to motivate them to meet their fundraising goals.

Offer a Seamless Fundraising Experience

  • When donations come through Facebook or Classy, the fundraising progress-to-goal stays in sync on both fundraising pages.
  • Facebook donations will appear on your Classy campaign activity wall, keeping you and your fundraisers up to date.
  • There’s no need to manage two separate fundraising pages or copy and paste links—let us keep everything in sync for you.

“Return fundraisers typically raise over twice as much (126%) as one-time fundraisers, and on average, fundraisers are almost 3x more valuable than one-time donors.”

Classy, State of Modern Philanthropy Download here

Gain Deeper
Fundraising Insights

  • Access a dedicated report to dive into insights and data around your fundraisers who receive donations through Facebook.
  • Add Facebook fundraising insights to any report to analyze the success of your fundraising channels.
  • Quickly see your average donation on Facebook, the total amount you’ve raised, or who’s frequently using Facebook to boost their reach.
Visual of Facebook fundraising data in Classy reporting
Classy + Facebook: A Guide To Boosting Fundraiser Retention guide cover

Free Guide

Classy + Facebook: 
A Guide to Boosting Fundraiser Retention

A successful fundraising strategy focuses on building a sustainable peer-to-peer program that keeps fundraisers coming back. Learn how you can leverage Classy and Facebook together to spread your mission through your supporters’ networks, raise more money, and ultimately improve fundraiser retention rates.

This downloadable guide will cover:

  • Why you should focus on fundraiser retention
  • How to set goals for fundraiser retention efforts
  • Tips for giving your fundraisers the best possible experience with your nonprofit
  • An exclusive look at our Classy for Facebook integration
  • Strategies to coach and engage your fundraisers
  • How Classy for Facebook helps your fundraisers raise more for your cause

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