25 Creative Spring Fundraising Ideas

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Outside of the year-end fundraising season, the month of April generates the highest donation volume, according to 2015 Classy data. To prepare yourself for a stellar spring, we’ve compiled creative fundraising ideas to help you make the most of this lucrative time of year.

1. Spring Cleaning Garage Sale

Ask supporters to donate items to your organization’s “garage sale” that they’d ordinarily give away or sell. Set up shop at your office or a well-trafficked public space, and sell items in exchange for donations.

2. March Madness Open House

An estimated 40 million Americans create March Madness brackets. Invite your community to join you at your office or a venue for a college basketball game screening. Have people donate to enter, and you can use the game as an opportunity to meet supporters face to face.

3. Fashion Show

Fashion Show

The fashion industry follows the same cycle as the seasons, and spring is a great time to embrace “new.” Host a fashion show and partner with local vendors, recruit volunteers for models, and charge for entry. You can even have each model create peer-to-peer fundraising pages and compete against each other for a prize.

4. April Fool’s Day Fundraiser

Forty percent of people are adamant participants in April Fool’s pranks. Partner with local stand-up comedians or radio hosts and send an email campaign to appeal for donations. In exchange for a contribution, have the comedians pull prank phone calls. The larger the donation, the more severe the prank.

5. Easter Egg Hunt

Set up at a public park and charge for registration. Sell tickets ahead of time to ensure you have enough supplies for all participating kids.

6. Passover Dinner

Eating can be tricky when you’re observing Passover. Ease the stress for many by hosting a dinner full of acceptable foods and traditional recipes. Partner with a local restaurant and charge per plate.

7. Mother’s Day Breakfast

Millennial mothers look forward to their special day as an opportunity to rest. Give moms a hand and host a fancy breakfast where they won’t have to lift a finger. Partner with a local restaurant and sell tickets ahead of time.

A mother’s day campaign could also be a fitting idea if your organization’s founding story is tied to an individual woman. For example, the Queen of Hearts Foundation runs a Mother’s Day campaign to honor the woman that inspired their organization’s work.

8. 5K or Road Cycle Race

As the weather improves, people will be excited for an opportunity to get outdoors after being cooped up all winter. Still dealing with snow? Try an indoor treadmill-a-thon or Spin-a-thon®. Invite each registrant to create their own personal fundraising page and use prizes to incentivize them to raise as much money as possible.

Download: The Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Charity Run/Walk Event

9. High Tea Party

This spring fundraising idea involves renting a space to host high tea. Sell tickets in exchange for a seat, tea, scones and finger sandwiches. Be sure to ask attendees to wear their Sunday best.

10. Flower Delivery

Bouquet of flowers

If spring is known for anything, it’s flora. Partner with a local florist and sell flowers for pick-up and delivery. Early May is a great time for this fundraiser as 35 percent of adults in the U.S. bought flowers for Mother’s Day.

11. Earth Day Hike

Hiking is a great outdoor activity, but it can be even better when it’s organized as a group event. Have supporters register for your hike ahead of time and create their own personal fundraising pages. On the day-of, provide guides and goodie bags, and award swag to top fundraisers.

12. Arbor Day Community Garden

A community garden is a plot of land, public or private, that is gardened by a group of individuals. Identify a location and ask your supporters to fundraise for the opportunity to a plot in the garden. If you have, say, 10 plots, set a fundraising minimum and then award plots to the 10 people who raise the most money. To give others a chance to use the garden, make it an annual event and renew the competition each year.

13. St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

For this spring fundraising idea, plan a walkable route and partner with local pubs. To take it up a notch, give your crawl a costume theme, or award prizes along the way. Charge for registration and incorporate peer-to-peer fundraising by setting each of your participants up with a page to appeal to their network.

14. NBA or NHL Playoffs Viewing Party

Spring is an exciting time for the sports world. As fans gear up for the playoffs, advertise a viewing party as a chance for your community to support their favorite team AND a great cause. Partner with a local bar to get part of their proceeds donated to your organization, or sell tickets to get in the door.

15. Golf Tournament

Golfers anxiously await the opportunity to get back on the green in the spring. Host a charity golf tournament and raise the stakes for entry. Set fundraising requirements and appeal to local businesses to secure prizes for the lowest scoring participants. The Marfan Foundation uses a four-person, best-ball format, and provides goodies for their registrants, like beverage carts and raffle entry.

16. Spring Fling Dance

This spring fundraising idea is inspired by the popular high school dance. Rent out a large space, ask for donations in exchange for tickets, and choose a theme for a night of old-fashioned fun. Want to put a spin on it? Host it at a roller-rink.

17. Spa Day Contest

For some, spring weather screams rain, grey, and mud. Change that mindset by attracting supporters with mud masks from the comfort of an indoor spa. Partner with local facilities for donated services and then incorporate online fundraising by running a contest. You could award services to top peer-to-peer fundraisers, or enter those who donate to your crowdfunding campaign into a drawing.

18. Plant Sale


In the spring, gardeners gear up to get their plants in the ground. Many plant seeds indoors in the colder months so they’re ready to transport into the soil when the ground gets warmer. Tomato and pepper plants are often started indoors in March, while several varieties of vegetables can withstand spring frosts. When the time comes, try selling beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers.

19. Lawn Mowing for a Cause

For much of the country, spring is the season of cleanup. Stray sticks and stones have wandered into yards, and the grass—having finally escaped the snow—looks unruly as ever. Take the burden off of your community and advertise a lawn maintenance and moving service in exchange for donations. Recruit landscapers to volunteer their services.

20. Spring Break Volunteer Trips

Does your organization often work with volunteers? High schools and colleges typically schedule their breaks around the Easter holiday, which can fall in March or April. Plan an excursion that allows students to apply their time and money to giving back.

21. Bird House Building Contest

Chirping birds are all around this time of year, and people are building and shopping for houses and seed for their backyards. Get creative with this spring fundraising idea and run a wood-working contest. Set each registrant up with a peer-to-peer fundraising page and ask them to secure “votes” for their house in the form of donations.

22. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Seminar

This best-selling book by Marie Kondo instructs readers on how to declutter your home. Use the book as inspiration and design a seminar that helps people adopt a “spring-cleaning” mindset all year long. Sell tickets for seats and ask for additional donations in exchange for food and refreshments.

23. Petting Zoo Day

Partner with a local zoo or farmer to set up a child’s spring-time dream come true. An “animal babies” theme is perfect for this time of year. Sell tickets and have your community come out to see ducklings, lambs, and more.

24. Beach/Grounds Clean-Up

To make it even more dynamic, couple this spring fundraising idea with another activity, like a barbecue or outdoor concert. Ask for donations and give your supporters a chance to feel like they physically made a difference and moved you closer to achieving your mission.

25. Field Day Games

This popular high school event involves teams competing in a slew of races and activities such as a three-legged race or game of basketball. Have teams register together and provide them with fundraising pages. Award prizes for most raised, activity winners, or the best uniforms.

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When you create fundraising events and campaigns that tie to seasonal experiences, you give people a relevant opportunity to connect with your organization.

Have something to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below. Or for more inspiration, check out our other fundraising ideas.

  • Lee Hesson

    Definitely will be using some of these for our non-profit fundraiser. Thank you!

    • Ellie

      Thanks for reading, Lee! Let us know how it goes! Best of luck.

  • Medina Senior Center

    Great ideas; might combine a couple for some fusion fundraising, thanks!

    • Ellie

      Thanks for reading, Medina!

  • Valerie Butera Servidio

    Hi, I run a mobile art business and have a couple fundraising ideas i’d like to promote through pottery painting. I don’t have a brick and mortar studio so I have to partner with local businesses to run events. My concern or question is how to partner with specific sponsors, and making sure the money collected will go directly to the cause. One type of fundraiser I’d like to work with is the Humane Society. My idea is to have people paint ceramic dog/cat bowls offering 50% of the proceeds . Another idea is an empty bowl fundraiser, collecting money for the poor/homeless/soup kitchens, where people could paint a soup or rice bowl, for the cause.
    Do you have any advice as to how to organize?….I could also work with hospitals, for children…
    endless ideas!


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