7 Monthly Giving Program Examples to Inspire You


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Published February 24, 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes

Recurring giving is a pillar of any successful fundraising strategy because it provides a sustainable and predictable stream of revenue. The power of recurring donations has been a trend across Classy’s donor sentiment reports and platform data. In fact, our platform data shows that nonprofits making over $50K see 37% of revenue come from recurring donations.

Data Reveals the Power of Recurring Donations

To capture a monthly donor base, however, a recurring giving campaign needs to encompass a well-designed online presence, simple donor management, and clear language about a donor’s potential impact. Getting creative about your program can help you turn a one-time gift or one-time donor into a recurring one.

Check out the successful monthly giving program examples we’re loving right now, with actionable takeaways you can apply to create your unique recurring donor community.

7 Monthly Giving Program Examples to Inspire You

1. PAN Foundation

PAN Foundation welcomes its monthly donors as PAN GEMs, another way to say those who Give Every Month. The nonprofit created a space where supporters can make a steady contribution to change the lives of those who care burdened by high out-of-pocket medication and treatment costs for severe and life-threatening illnesses. This beautiful program brings monthly donors in through regular communication, recognition, and a community feeling.

PAN GEMs are a generous and caring group of people advocating for a nation in which everyone can get the healthcare they need. People like you, from across the country, giving their best monthly gift to help people afford their out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • Clear impact greets website visitors with a bold statement of what a specific monthly contribution means for patients, offering them treatment coverage for an entire year
  • Beautiful visuals present a polished and professional program in which monthly donors can explore the many perks to becoming a member
  • Beneficiary storytelling brings the faces of those in need to a potential monthly donor to help them see the life-changing impact they can have
  • Program designations let donors choose which condition, such as heart failure, their contributions will support every month right on the donation form

2. The TEAK Fellowship

The TEAK Fellowship calls on monthly donors to help support talented students from low-income families achieve their potential. TEAK unlocks access to an outstanding education and transformative experiences for exceptional NYC students, who use these opportunities to change their lives and the world around them. Monthly donors become members of the TEAK Investor Program to help fuel a large, lasting impact through recurring gifts.

The TEAK Investor Program is a community of monthly supporters committed to TEAK’s mission of unlocking access to an outstanding education and transformative experiences for exceptional NYC students.

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • Thoughtful call-to-action buttons throughout the donation experience using terms like “join” instead of “donate” to differentiate its program membership
  • Employer gift matching made easy through a simple checkbox on the monthly donation form to double its impact with the support of eligible employers
  • Personalized form fields that ask about TEAK alum status and class number to get to know new monthly giving program members
  • Various incentives for new monthly giving program members to choose from, such as a cotton tote bag, that showcase appreciation for their generosity and open the door to direct-mail engagement.

3. The Crayon Initiative’s Crayon Box Giving Program

The Crayon Initiative collects unwanted, used crayons and repurposes them into new ones that are then shipped to children’s hospitals, free of charge, for their therapeutic arts program. The organization gave its recurring donation program’s name a creative spin—The Crayon Box. It celebrates each monthly donor, known as a “friend” of The Crayon Initiative, for their willingness to help support children in need.

Watch Their Video

The Crayon Box is a place to feel good about knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of pediatric patients and the environment!

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • Prominent recognition of varying giving levels throughout the program’s messaging, encouraging generosity with as little as $5 a month to add up to big results for pediatric patients
  • Convenient options for donors to set and forget their recurring payments with a credit card or ACH bank transfer, adding language like “make more smiles automatic” to showcase how easy it is to get involved
  • Strong storytelling on the donation site of a pediatric patient’s experience and what one pack of crayons can do for her recovery
  • Creative giving levels shown through impact blocks that designate specific online donation amounts to the quantitative patient count a donation can support and the emotional appeal each gift has on the individual

4. Child Advocacy Center’s Support Squad Giving Program

The Child Advocacy Center’s vision is to be a community where justice is accessible, prevention is possible, families are resilient, and children can heal. Their monthly giving program, the Support Squad, invites passionate supporters to come alongside them and help children begin their healing journey. Supporters who join the Support Squad can be a hero for a child in need. Each recurring gift helps families and children throughout the community, gives them a safe place to talk about their experiences, and receive support as they navigate the trauma of abuse. By donating on a consistent, scheduled basis, supporters can chose their monthly giving amount to help cover everything from snacks to education and child abuse prevention training.

SUPPORT SQUAD members realize that helping those who can’t help themselves is true generosity.

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • A creative recurring program brand identity showcases the special nature of giving back to the organization through a recurring gift, with some semblance of a superhero emblem to symbolize the support level this donor community offers
  • Distinct levels of support with names like “guard,” “shield,” and “defender” that break down how each donation amount translates to tangible impact and continues the theme of heroism as new monthly donors choose which gift amount best suits their needs
  • Multiple giving frequencies that let donors choose how often they want to donate, from weekly to semiannually, based on what works best for them
  • Captivating video sharing to elevate emotional storytelling and pull in monthly donors with a clear reason to join

5. Operation Broken Silence’s The Renewal Giving Family

Operation Broken Silence is on a mission to support Sudanese teachers and healthcare professionals through its monthly giving campaign. The Renewal welcomes donors to join a monthly giving family that has the power to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The Renewal is our passionate family of monthly givers supporting Sudanese teachers and healthcare professionals. When we match their grit with a monthly financial commitment, we become an unstoppable force for good.

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • Simple but powerful language displayed across the monthly giving page pulls donors in to become a part of something bigger than themselves
  • Impactful videos take the idea of clarifying where monthly gifts go to a new level by showing the individuals who need support regularly
  • Membership perks offer gratitude for the supporters who decide to take their donations to a more committed level
  • Personal testimonials from the founders seal the experience with an authentic appeal to help change lives from one group of passionate individuals to another
monthly-giving-example monthly-giving

6. Downtown Rescue Mission

Downtown Rescue Mission depends on generous monthly donors to support their mission and care for the lost, lonely, and broken in North Alabama. Their monthly giving program, Friend of the Friendless, unites hundreds of supporters who give what they can on a regular basis to ensure Downtown Rescue Mission’s services remain available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Together, you will help bring stability to our ministry and allow us to plan more effectively the number of meals and needed care for the hungry and homeless each month.

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • A powerful call to action features the words “donate today” on a prominent button that pulls in interested supporters to join the program
  • A creative appeal to give shows monthly donors how their gifts support hunger, housing, health, and hope intiatives
  • Membership engagement through a live activity board shows how members are making an impact every day and forms community
  • Flexible payment options give donors an easy way to sync their automatic donations to their PayPal or bank accounts for a seamless experience

7. Treehouse’s Builder Monthly Giving Club

Treehouse is building brighter futures one monthly donor at a time through its Builders Giving Club. Becoming a “Builder” comes with regular updates and stories that pull supporters into a more meaningful giving experience.


Treehouse is there for kids in high school and older who don’t have an adult in their corner to cheer them on. I knew I needed to get involved and help in any way I could.

Chelo Gable

Treehouse Donor

Here’s what we love about this monthly giving program:

  • Humanistic imagery choices on the campaign page and donation form put a face to the impact of giving a monthly donation
  • Bright colors fill the monthly campaign page from the call-to-action button to the impact blocks that describe why donations matter to the bigger picture
  • Community values take precedent as monthly donors step into exclusive event invitations, specialized volunteer opportunities, and one-on-one interaction with leadership and staff members
  • Dedication donations become simple with a checkbox on the donation form to give a recurring gift in honor or memory of someone
  • Embedded giving that allows donors to make a monthly gift with a few clicks on any device

What Could a Giving Community Mean for You?

With many variables in nonprofit finances, a dedicated community of monthly donors and predictable income will have a huge impact on your organization’s long-term health. Recurring giving can become an option on any fundraising campaign you host, offering donors a seamless path to regular involvement.

There are endless examples of strong recurring giving programs that you can follow, but using your creativity to bring your story to loyal donors is the first step. The rest of the details will follow. One year of building support through monthly gifts can make a big difference on retention rates and the way your mission can thrive.


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