6 (Or More) Reasons for You to Use and Love Quora, Now

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Quora is an online platform that aims to be an epicenter for sharing and growing the world’s knowledge. Users can post and answer questions – which may not seem like much – but the platform’s commitment to authenticity and community really makes a valuable resource for information. You could have your physics question answered by an elite rocket scientist or you can read up on ordinary people’s profound life experiences that will leave you inspired and feeling like you’ve just attended the best life coaching session ever.

The company is still relatively small, with just over 100 employees, but has made a huge impression on the Internet. Quora supports millions of Q&As, hundreds of millions of views per month and over a half a million topics to explore. With that, let’s discover how nonprofit organizations can make the most of Quora.

(Note: I’ve embedded abridged versions of answers here for brevity and browsability. Just click on the question to see all the answers or on the “Answers” link to see a user’s full response.)

A user’s suggestion for how nonprofits might use Quora …

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Classy’s Top Reasons to Use Quora …

1. For Learning

Ask a question and you may have it answered by a very well respected and successful professional or you browse other people’s questions for expert advice. One of Quora’s goals is to bring people from around the world together to answer questions, which means that various perspectives are represented in the answers to questions.

How can you measure the true impact of a social venture?

Read Quote of Leila Janah’s answer to How can you measure the true impact of a social venture? on Quora

2. For Educating Supporters

There is some amazing content on Quora that explains particular geopolitical situations, life in other countries or communities or even explains complex science in laymen’s terms. This is a great opportunity to provide supporters with some firsthand stories about a region in which you work, the knowledge of experts in your cause-sector and for sourcing volunteer experiences.

What are the Top 10 Energy Topics that the General Public Should Understand?

Read Quote of Mike Barnard’s answer to What are the top 10 energy topics that the general public should understand? on Quora

3. For Becoming a Thought Leader

Your organization can use Quora to become a thought leader within a particular cause sector – or even as a representative of the nonprofit sector as a whole. Charity:Water has done an amazing job at this. They have over 11,000 followers on their charity:water “topic” page and questions range from how to become a successful fundraiser for the organizations (awesome!) to how charity:water measures success.

Scott Harrison, the organization’s founder, personally answers many of the questions, humanizing the organization’s brand and demonstrating their commitment to supporters and people interested in what they do. The community and the organization also utilize this page as a blog roll on tons of topics that are great for charity:water to be associated with – for example, startup social responsibility and new water purification technologies.

Read Quote of Scott Harrison’s answer to charity: water: What are best practices for pledging your birthday to Charity:Water? on Quora

4. For Customer Development

Want to find out something about your audience or need information about how to better engage supporters? You might do a little research on Quora first. I came across this great question in the “Charity and Charities” category: “Why don’t you give to charity?” Quora is all about honesty and authenticity, so people were very straightforward and revealing in their answers. The big takeaway was that people did not trust organizations to use donations as advertised. What does that mean for your organization? Transparency about where donors’ money goes and the impact the money has on your cause is paramount to establishing trust with potential supporters.

Read Quote of Margaret Weiss’ answer to Why don’t you give to charity? on Quora

5. For Uncovering Funding Opportunities

Everyone loves discovering how to get more funding! There were quite a few topics about opportunities (and I’m sure you can find tons more in any of the entrepreneur, venture capitalist, startup or social investment sections) to raise money in pretty unconventional ways.

Are there any social entrepreneurship incubators or accelerator programs?

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Which non-profits/charity organizations use Groupon for fundraising?

Read Quote of Geddes Munson’s answer to Which non-profits/charity organizations use Groupon for fundraising? on Quora

6. For Inspiration

You can literally find anything on Quora. Are you feeling a little lost, down or burnt out? Read up on life advice, get inspired by others’ life experiences and ideas or just read about some of the good things in our world.

Read Quote of Becoming a better Superman on Quora

What are the top 10 things that we should know in life?

Read Quote of Justin Freeman’s answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life? on Quora

What is the best thing in this world?

Read Quote of Hunter McCord’s answer to Life: What is the best thing in this world? on Quora
Be sure to click on each of these questions to see all the other answers provided by Quora community members. Happy hunting and beware of getting too lost in the wonderful, fascinating world of Quora!

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