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Classy and Salesforce Integration, Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

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Published September 11, 2015 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Classy is proud to announce that you can now find and access the Classy and Salesforce integration on the Salesforce AppExchange. The AppExchange is Salesforce’s business app store which functions as a massive online marketplace where thousands of consultants and application providers promote their companies, engage new leads, and allow new customers to download their software or access their services.

For us at Classy this accomplishment represents three years of relationship building, trust, and collaboration between the team at Classy and the amazing folks at the Salesforce Foundation. It represents countless hours of brainstorming, aspiration, hard work, and thousands of individual improvements, not only to Classy’s Salesforce integration, but to our core fundraising product as well.

Most importantly for us, it represents the vanguard in a movement we see taking place across the nonprofit sector. At an increasing pace, nonprofit organizations are beginning to break free from the restraints of the culture of scarcity that has dominated the social sector for generations.

Social impact organizations are looking for new, more efficient ways of engaging and mobilizing their supporters, and they’re demanding access to a higher caliber of tools than have been available to them in the past. We’ve always set our own standard for quality here at Classy, and strive to raise that bar, aiming to provide the highest quality products available anywhere—not just in the social sector.

We’ve seen remarkable successes earned by our clients who combine innovative online fundraising strategies with the insights gained through studying the data in their Salesforce CRM. The synergies between our two platforms has produced some incredible results:

At Classy, we believe it’s important to celebrate the wins, and having our application listed on the AppExchange certainly qualifies. However, with each win comes a new beginning, and a new opportunity to raise the bar on what was previously possible. While it’s an accomplishment we’re proud of, it’s also a reminder of what an honor and responsibility it is to collaborate with great partners like the Salesforce Foundation and to serve the 1,500+ customers relying on us to provide the best fundraising tools technology has to offer. It’s a commitment we take very seriously. And while the listing is certainly cause for celebration, we know this is just the beginning.

Learn more about the Salesforce and Classy integration and check out our AppExchange listing.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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