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Published April 15, 2021 Reading Time: 3 minutes

In June 2020, we announced the Classy for Facebook Integration, which combines the power of Classy’s Peer-to-Peer fundraising platform with the world’s largest social media platform. This integration enables your fundraisers to seamlessly boost their reach by duplicating their Classy fundraising page to Facebook, allowing your campaign to reach a larger audience and raise more money for your nonprofit.

In the latest version of Classy for Facebook, we’re excited to announce a new reporting feature. Before this update, Classy for Facebook automatically pulled donation data into Classy Reporting for any Facebook campaigns connected to a Classy campaign. With this new reporting functionality, your organization can now pull in all donation data from both Facebook and Instagram, even if the fundraising campaign did not originate on Classy.

In this post, we’ll cover the details of why we added this new reporting functionality and walk through how you can get started with the update.

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Now Enabling You to Pull In Facebook and Instagram Donations

Many nonprofits are seeing significant donations originating from Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. However, Facebook’s focus is on its end users—your peer-to-peer fundraisers and donors—rather than the nonprofits using the fundraising channel. Facebook alone offers little to no access to donation data for your nonprofit.

Allowing you to pull in Facebook and Instagram donation transactions into Classy Reporting fills this gap to help you better understand how these platforms impact your overall fundraising strategy. This integration is a true solution for nonprofits interested in reaping more fundraising lift from Facebook and Instagram, as you can easily track data on how the platforms are adding to your efforts.

Our team is really excited to give Classy for Facebook’s users the ability to access more data from Facebook and Instagram than they’ve ever had before. This update will give organizations access to data that they can now utilize both in Classy Reports and through their integrated CRM platform.

Tim Gumto

Product Manager for Classy for Facebook

Having access to this data in Classy Reporting also gives you the ability to integrate the data into CRM platforms, like Salesforce, that integrate with Classy. Facebook doesn’t integrate with any CRMs to serve this purpose, so this feature adds tremendous value for Classy customers leveraging the power of the Classy for Salesforce Integration.

How Your Organization Can Start Using This Feature

To enable this update and get access to all available Facebook and Instagram fundraising data, follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to Apps & Extensions and tap Classy for Facebook
  2. Under Additional Configurations you can select either “Sync data from Facebook to Classy” and/or “Sync data from Instagram to Classy”
  3. From there, you will need to select which of your Classy campaigns you’d like to associate these transactions with
  4. Hit Save Changes

Once you’ve completed those steps, it’s easy to start benefiting from this new update. Under Recommended Reports in Classy Reporting, you’ll find a report called Facebook Transactions. The Channel column of this report will show you whether a donation came through Facebook or Instagram.

You can also create your own reports with this new channel data by creating a property for “Channel” and filtering by Facebook or Instagram.

Gain Greater Insight on the Impact of Your Fundraising Channels With Classy for Facebook’s Reporting

Our latest reporting functionality with Classy for Facebook gives your nonprofit valuable insight on how donations made through Facebook and Instagram impact your overall fundraising efforts. Collect and use these data to connect with your donor audience in a new and deeper way.

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