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How to Use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Classy Fundraising Campaigns


By Allison Gauss

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Nonprofit organizations are increasingly metrics-driven. More and more organizations collect, analyze, and act on data during every step of their strategy. One place data is essential to decision-making is the execution of an online fundraising campaign.

When combined with the right fundraising software, certain tools can be used to optimize the donation process and raise more money. Classy users, specifically, can connect their fundraising campaigns to Google Analytics to make smarter decisions about how they attract and convert donors. Read on to learn how you can use Google Analytics to design campaigns that incite action.

What Is Google Analytics?

The beginning is a very good place to start. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics or need a refresher, we’ll go over the basics here. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track, analyze, and learn from your website traffic. It tells you how many people visit each page of your website and can offer tons of details and insights, such as what sources your traffic comes from and from which pages people exit your site.

google analytics dashboard
An example of a Google Analytics dashboard. You can customize your dashboard to your nonprofit’s needs.

It’s important to note that Google Analytics’ data is not foolproof. There are conditions under which the tool can’t track visitors, such as when they are using Chrome’s incognito function. But since Google Analytics consistently captures most of the traffic to your website, you can still discover important trends and insights.

If you want to learn more about Google Analytics, check out Google Analytics Academy. This free resource offers courses in how to fully take advantage of the tool.

Connect Your Campaigns

fundraising campaign extensions
The Extensions tab in Classy helps you integrate important tools like Google Analytics.

To tap into the power of Google Analytics, the first step is to connect your Classy account with the tool. From the Extensions tab in Classy, navigate to the Google Analytics integration and enter your Google Analytics UA number. This tells the Classy platform which Google Analytics account to send your Classy-hosted data to.

integration settings with border

You can then track visits to your fundraising campaign and donation pages and even the transactions that are completed. With this information you gain valuable insight into the donor journey. You can then use this information to improve the experience and generate more gifts in larger amounts.

Google Analytics for Fundraising

Classy users can use Google Analytics to learn all kinds of things about their campaigns. Here are just a few ways the tool can show you what approaches are most effective and inform your future strategies.

How Do People Arrive?

Half the battle of online fundraising is simply getting people to your campaign (and donation) pages. With Google Analytics, you can not only see how many pageviews and unique users your pages receive, you can also find out where they are coming from. For example, most nonprofits will promote their online fundraising campaigns across a number of communication channels, such as email, social media, paid advertising, and blog posts. By using the acquisition dimension in Google Analytics, you can find out what proportion of your campaign pageviews comes from each source.

Google Analytics acquisition tab
Along with a general overview of your traffic sources, Google Analytics can tell you which channels create click-throughs and donations.

You may find that Facebook is far more effective than Twitter for driving people to your campaign page. This means you might benefit from investing more time and resources in that channel. When you know which channels are most effective at driving pageviews, you can redouble your efforts there to maximize traffic.

From Campaign Page to Donation Page

Once someone makes it to your campaign page, however, you still need them to click through to the donation page and complete the transaction. By comparing the pageviews of your donation page to your campaign page, you can find out how many people are navigating away once they arrive at your campaign.

You can even perform experiments with the design and copy of your fundraising campaign page to see what tactics are more effective at getting people to click through to the donation page. For example, in Classy’s new fundraising suite, you can change the order of your content blocks. To increase the percentage of campaign page visitors that reach the donation page, you might move your impact levels (which link to the donation page) above certain blocks and closer to the top of the page.

Transaction Trends

When you connect your Classy account, your online donations are reflected in the ecommerce section of Google Analytics under “Transactions.” With Google Analytics’ other filters, you can also learn how many transactions originate from each channel. What’s more, you can unearth how much revenue these sources generate.

google analytics transactions
An example of how Google Analytics displays donation transactions.

For instance, you may find that while your more general email appeals that go to a large list of recipients generate the most transactions, your segmented emails with more personalized content create significantly larger donations. With this knowledge, you might choose to spend more time writing targeted emails that appeal to each segment of your audience more effectively.

AdWords Insights

Many nonprofit organizations also use Google AdWords (and its nonprofit program, Google Ad Grants) for online advertising.

Nonprofits using AdWords can track ad performance in Google Analytics and learn which keywords and ad campaigns create the most pageviews and donations. These insights can inform how much of your advertising budget is designated for different keywords and campaigns. Google Analytics can show you how to use your resources to get the most return on your time and money.


Nonprofit success is all about the effective use of resources and Google Analytics is a powerful tool in this quest. With this platform, Classy users can track what strategies work best with their audience and redistribute their efforts accordingly. To learn more about Classy’s integration with Google Analytics, check out our support center.

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