INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Design Myths Debunked for Nonprofits

graphic of a rainbow and a globe

Great design is crucial to engaging your audience and driving results. Among its many benefits, thoughtful, compelling design captures your audience’s attention, elevates your brand, reinforces your message, and drives conversions. By contrast, poor design can cripple a prospect’s perception of your brand and undermine your hard work.

Unfortunately, many nonprofit marketers fail to execute effective, beautifully designed communications. This is often because they misunderstand what constitutes good design, how to use it, or how accessible it really is. In this infographic, we debunk seven common design myths so your organization can find out what’s really important to create a stellar visual experience.

design myths infographic

Good design speaks volumes about your brand’s professionalism and credibility, and it’s a critical ingredient of successful marketing campaigns and effective websites. By harnessing these design best practices, you can create excellent returns and make sure your graphics convey the real you.

Win the Hearts and Minds of Donors


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