7 Reasons to Attend the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions

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Collaborative Virtual Sessions
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Editor’s Note: You can now access the extended sessions library for the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions, where you can watch all of the recordings from the event—as well as over 20 bonus sessions—and hear from industry experts on fundraising and marketing best practices, leadership and resilience, and more. 

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This is a guest post written by senior event planner Brooke Hearn and senior events content marketer Anne Guillen on the Classy events team.

The Collaborative, hosted by Classy, is a nonprofit conference designed to improve collaboration, encourage meaningful connections within the industry, and empower organizations to accelerate and maximize their impact. The past six Collaborative events have brought together nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, cause experts, and industry leaders to take part in game-changing discussions. So this year, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. just three months before we were set to deliver the opening keynote in Boston, our team stopped and thought, “What does this mean for the 2020 Collaborative? What does this mean for the connections that are usually made in Boston?” 

We decided that it meant we had the opportunity to share the Collaborative experience—the learnings, networking, and sharing—with thousands more nonprofit professionals by taking our event virtual. 

From June 9 to 12, 2020, Classy will host a four-day online experience that connects participants in a fresh way, allowing them to learn, share, and connect virtually. In light of the current crisis, the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions will be completely free for attendees, to encourage wide participation during such critical times.

While we will miss being together in person, we are thrilled to take on this exciting challenge of pivoting to a virtual conference and fostering meaningful connections, all from our own living rooms. Read on to learn our top seven reasons you should attend the 2020 Collaborative: Virtual Sessions.

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7 Reasons to Attend the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions

1. It’s absolutely free.

There will be over 20 Collaborative sessions for you to access for free, in the comfort of your own space. It’s more important than ever to spark and participate in timely discussions, seek expert advice, and share support and ideas to adapt to and overcome today’s challenges and beyond. 

Our goal is to make this experience available for everyone, so all you have to do is register here to save your spot.

2. You’ll access the session content that you need to hear right now. 

Our team is tapped into the concerns and questions buzzing around the nonprofit industry, and we’ve used this knowledge to curate sessions led by industry experts and pioneers to address the topics you are most interested in right now.

Attend the sessions to answer questions like the following: 

  • How do I keep fundraising amid COVID-19 if my cause is not directly related to relief efforts? 
  • How should I lead my team during this uncertain time when we are all working from home? 
  • What technology and tools should we be using right now to host a virtual event? 
  • What are other organizations doing to find success and purpose? 
  • How can we stay inspired during this time?

We are dedicated to bringing experts and stories to life at the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions to help your team address these topics and ensure the social sector is working together toward success. The 2020 sessions will consist of insight talks, webinars, and fireside chats that focus on how you can navigate the current landscape, stay resilient, and even grow during these unprecedented times. 

3. Get tangible takeaways and strategies you can implement immediately.

You will walk away from each session with actionable insights that will keep your organization on the right track during, and after, this time of uncertainty. Plus, we’ll share the presentation decks and session recordings with session attendees afterward. You’ll be able to refer back to these recordings and tools at any time, even if your team members weren’t able to attend the session live. 

4. You can build your session schedule.

We would love for you to join all of the sessions during the live event, but we understand your time is limited. That’s why we’re offering a mix of one-hour and 30-minute sessions. You can select as many individual sessions as you would like based on your availability, time, and interest. 

Register for the virtual event today for access to the full agenda so that you sign up for individual sessions. For an idea of what types of insights you’ll gain, check out our 2019 recap post which covered many of the sessions, topics, and takeaways from the event. 

5. There will be bonus content.

Not only will you have access to session recordings and presentation decks after the conference, but we’re also offering bonus content and resources to all attendees following the virtual event. Our Collaborative: Virtual Extended Sessions page will launch one week after the virtual event, where you’ll find brand new insight talks and webinars available to watch.

If you’ve registered for the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions, you will be notified via email when the recordings and extended sessions are available online.

6. You’ll have the opportunity to form meaningful connections. 

Virtual doesn’t mean isolated. The Collaborative was built on the belief that growth happens when we connect, support, and inspire each other. Since we can’t get together in person this year, we are bringing you virtual networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one or group discussions around topics of interest, learn from leaders in the nonprofit space, and connect with the Classy team and conference speakers via live chat rooms and video.

7. Your entire team can partake in the action. 

In-person conferences are important settings for learning and professional development, but we understand travel expenses add up and it can be tough to take more than a couple of team members out of the office. With a virtual conference experience, anyone on your team can tune in from wherever they are. 

Pro Tip
Divide and conquer. Divvy up sessions between your team, then come together (in person or virtually) to present your learnings.


We look forward to hosting the Collaborative again next year in some capacity. Go to classy.org/collaborative and sign up to be the first to get details on our 2021 event.

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