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The Top 5 LinkedIn Groups Nonprofit Professionals Need to Join

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Published April 21, 2014 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Seeking advice or looking to engage in new discussions? Gone are the days spent searching for Internet forums or online message boards. Now all you have to do is log into LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups have become the go to place for professionals seeking to engage with their peers. Whether it is a question or a new idea worth sharing, LinkedIn users are posting in groups and proactively seeking feedback from their online community.

Due to the increasing number of groups being created, it can be difficult to decide which conversation to be a part of. Within the nonprofit space alone, there are countless groups focused on a topics ranging from fundraising to technical software.

How do you find a LinkedIn group worth joining?

Rather than spending time searching for new groups or filtering through recent discussions, check out these 5 nonprofit LinkedIn groups that we have found both engaging and insightful.

1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy

A private nonprofit group with over 82,000 members, the group gets its name from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the online and print news source for nonprofit leaders, grant makers, and other people involved in the social sector. It’s intended to be a forum for nonprofit peers to connect with one another and discuss fundraising ideas, ask questions and share insightful articles.

With so many members, discussions are posted frequently and can get lost in the feed. Fortunately, the default view of the group keeps the most popular discussions at the top. The most well received discussions ask questions and are seeking the group’s input. It is surprising to see how many people have the same questions, but have not taken the time to ask. This is just one of the many reasons why joining groups can be so informative.

The range of topics in this group is vast, but all related to Philanthropy. Join this group if you are eager to keep up to date on philanthropy news or if want to initiate discussions by asking questions.

2. Development and Fundraising

This is another large and popular nonprofit group on LinkedIn. It is a subgroup of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, with more of an emphasis on fundraising. Since it is a subgroup of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, it is still an opportunity to connect with Chronicle editors and reporters to discuss trends and the latest news in fundraising.

Recent discussions include how to get your board members on the fundraising train, pros and cons of giving donor thank you gifts, marketing strategies and fundraising techniques.

3. Non-Profit Marketing

The title gives it away: this group is focused on Marketing. It is a private group with 36,424 members and discussions cover everything marketing including: direct marketing, public relations, fundraising, grant writing, social media & digital engagement and more.

Inevitably people will post discussions in groups that are off topic. However, Nonprofit Marketing is a group where discussions generally stay on point. A lot of the articles that are shared share insightful information about different aspects of marketing in the nonprofit space and we’ve found them very useful.

LinkedIn Branding vs Marketing

In a recent discussion, a member asked for marketing ideas on how to new gain donors. 25 people commented on the discussion with ideas or resources to reference. Overall, group members were encouraging and eager to help. Most importantly, the comments gave honest advice and weren’t promotional or self-serving content.

4. Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations

This large group has over 60,000 members. If you are interested in how nonprofit organizations are utilizing social media, this is the group to join. Members are encouraged to post resources, share information and/or ask questions or seek advice.

The group is linked to Nonprofit Tech for Good, an online site that describes itself as a social and mobile media resource for nonprofit professionals. The founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good, is also the manager of the group.

Members of the group are highly engaged in the discussions and eager to share their thoughts and feedback. Majority of the discussions adhere to the posting policies and relate directly to the social world.

Typical conversations are focused on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, reporting, tools, and strategies. Whether your asking a question or sharing an article, the group will weigh in. A recent popular discussion about Facebook’s new algorithms, received 34 likes and 18 comments in 2 weeks, which is great engagement.

5. On Fundraising – Official Group of AFP IHQ (Association of Fundraising Professionals)

The Association of Fundraising Professionals started this professional group back in 2008 and today it has grown to 20,808 members. The group facilitates conversations between professionals in the fundraising community. Note that a number of subgroups do exist that are specific to different AFP chapters.

Discussions revolve around fundraising and a lot of questions are asked in relation to what platform nonprofits are using to support their fundraising efforts. Here’s some recent questions AFP members have asked:

    • Any recommendations for crowdfunding sites or resources that people have liked?
    • Does anyone have any resources that would help in starting a Planned Giving Program?
    • Any recommendations or cautionary tales about software packages that enable individuals and teams register and raise funds?It’s a great forum to receive candid feedback from experienced professionals in the space.

New to groups? Here’s some advice…..

Before you start posting in groups, ensure that you are appropriately contributing to the conversation. It’s always a good idea to read through the group’s rules. Group managers and members can flag content, which will restrict your ability to freely post comments or discussions without being reviewed.

LinkedIn Group Rules
You can find the group’s rules by selecting the “i” icon in the top right corner of the groups page.

If you are promoting any content, make sure you are posting in the groups promotions or jobs tabs. These are the appropriate areas to either promote an event or share a new job opportunity without risking being flagged as a spammer.

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