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6 Interactive Resources for Nonprofit Annual Planning

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Published January 15, 2020 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Whether you are an established nonprofit or are just getting started, there are opportunities to assess, update, or add-on to your annual fundraising strategy. To help start the nonprofit strategic planning process, we’ve collected our top interactive resources that will help guide your team during annual planning.

From a digital marketing checklist to an annual fundraising calendar worksheet, each of the assets below will help your team build a holistic annual fundraising plan that pushes your nonprofit to try new things, pivot from what isn’t working, and ultimately raise more money to have more impact on your mission.

Read more about each resource below and then download to make this year your best yet.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Resources

1. Nonprofit Digital Marketing Checklist

nonprofit marketing checklistSeasoned nonprofit marketers and newbies alike can use this checklist to learn current best practices and get expert tips on how to effectively leverage email, social media, and SEO. The checklist is broken into sections on how to attract, steward, retain, and increase a donor’s commitment to your nonprofit using the most popular channels.

Bring your team up to speed on marketing trends and then use the included strategies to reach your nonprofit’s goals.

Download: Nonprofit Digital Marketing Checklist

2. Nonprofit SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Nonprofit SWOT Analysis Diagram

It’s not enough to ask your team, “How did we do this past year?” When it comes to creating an objective assessment,  you need to dig deep and a SWOT analysis is the first step. This SWOT Analysis worksheet includes nonprofit-specific prompts that encourage your team to take a step back and assess your organization’s true strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

Download: The Nonprofit SWOT Analysis Worksheet

3. Nonprofit Annual Report Checklist

Annual Report ChecklistIf you want your supporters to look forward to reading your annual report, then you need to create an engaging piece of content. The best annual reports include beneficiary stories and exciting milestones along with the requisite financial data and tax reports that demonstrate your impact.

Check out these creative annual report examples, and then download the checklist to outline your goals, narrow down your data, and find out what you need to create a report that your constituents will enjoy reading.

Download: The Annual Report Checklist

4. Annual Fundraising Strategy Kit

annual fundraising strategy

Planning an entire year’s worth of fundraising events, campaigns, and communications may sound daunting, but with the right tools and tactics, your calendar will be set before you know it. This annual fundraising strategy kit will teach you how to use our nonprofit SWOT analysis, how to align your goals and strategy to create an executive summary, and how to plan your fundraising calendar based on your programs, events, campaigns, and goals.

Download: Annual Fundraising Strategy Kit

5. Annual Fundraising Calendar Worksheet

nonprofit strategic planning calendar

Strategic planning for nonprofits can be tough and even established organizations face the common industry hurdles like employee turnover and insufficient funding. To help your team create a strategic plan that you can refer to year after year, download this calendar and learn how to segment your donors, outline your goals, and commit to an actionable plan to reach those goals.

Download: Annual Fundraising Calendar Worksheet

6. How to Tell a Story Worksheet

Storytelling Abstract Webpage DesignSharing stories is a powerful way to demonstrate the need for your mission, the solution your organization provides, and the impact that a donation will have. This taps into a supporter’s emotions, which can help encourage them to make gifts to your nonprofit.

Learn how to tell a powerful story using this interactive worksheet containing prompts to help your team outline your story, develop your characters, explain the conflict, encourage action, and close with impact and resolution.

Download: How to Tell a Story Worksheet

Now that you have the essentials, your team can start to assess, edit, and update your annual fundraising strategy. What other resources would you like us to create? Let us know in the comments below!

9 Email Templates for Nonprofit Annual Communication Plan

9 Email Templates for Nonprofit Annual Communication Plan

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