6 Data-Driven Fundraising Strategies that Boost Donations

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Currently, data science is among the fastest growing job fields in America. One of the reasons it’s grown so quickly can be linked to the shared desire across almost all sectors for access to, and analysis of, their unique data.

For nonprofits specifically, this data can provide a detailed look into the trends behind fundraising activity, the people supporting a mission, and the success of a campaign. Beyond that, it can also give you insight into the overall health of your organization.

For example, you can analyze how much online fundraising revenue you brought in last year, or the month over month growth in your fundraising activity. When put together, all this can inform your organization’s future strategies.

Still, there seems to be a gap between the expressed importance of data driven decision making, how you can access your data, and how to make it work for you. To help bridge this gap, we consulted with one of Classy’s account managers, Elizabeth Hilbert, to build a robust guide that walks you through everything data—from how you can surface it to how to put it into action.

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Specifically, we analyze six separate use cases that demonstrate how a data-informed strategy can elevate you from the abstract realm of “I think” to the concrete world of “I know.” Then, you’ll get expert tips on how to use this data driven decision making mindset to identify fundraising opportunities, create a game plan, and boost donations.

As an added bonus, we show you how Classy’s built-in data analysis and reporting features can help you quickly and easily access your data. Once you’ve got your hands on it, you’ll be able to fine-tune growth tests, confidently execute big decisions, or vet exciting new hypotheses.

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