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Giving Tuesday Data and Leadership Lessons From the Founders [VIDEO]

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Published July 26, 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Nobody wants to join your team because you want 10 new donors next year, people want to join your team because you want to change the world.

Jamie McDonald

Chief Strategy Officer, #GivingTuesday

This simple, yet bold statement reminds nonprofit professionals that, although changing the world is a day job that has success metrics like any other role—it’s important to ground your external goals in your mission.

Jamie McDonald, chief strategy officer at #GivingTuesday, and Woodrow Rosenbaum, data and insights lead at #GivingTuesday, discussed many tips during their Collaborative session this year. For example, they focused on how to set the right goal in order to motivate your team and engage potential donors.

Other topics covered in their session, Giving Tuesday Around the World: Data and Leadership Lessons From the Largest Giving Movement, included learnings around donor behavior, the steps to a successful campaign, the history and growth of Giving Tuesday, and so much more.

Both of these #GivingTuesday experts have been involved with the global giving day since its inception and shared exclusive, actionable insights that can help nonprofits of any size have their most successful Giving Tuesday yet.

Watch the full video to learn:

  • The 10 common steps from successful campaigns
  • Insights from GivingTuesday.org’s global data project
  • The answer to big Giving Tuesday questions such as:
    • Just how big is Giving Tuesday?
    • Does Giving Tuesday generate a net lift? (Or is it just moving giving dollars around the calendar?)
    • Who participates in Giving Tuesday?
  • And more!

A good goal is attainable, realistic, measurable, but it’s going to keep you up at night. If you know it’s possible, but are worried you might not make it—you’re probably in the ballpark of a goal that is going to inspire people to get behind you.

Woodrow Rosenbaum

Data and Insights Lead, #GivingTuesday

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