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Published May 30, 2023 Reading Time: 5 minutes

Healthcare organizations span various fields, audiences, and models but share a deep passion for impact and community-building. That’s why Classy partners with Salesforce and Cloud for Good—a trusted Salesforce implementation partner—for the simplest path to raise more and change lives through community health. 

Learn How Classy and Salesforce Work Together

Below, we analyze a few different healthcare organizations that integrate Classy and Salesforce with the support of Cloud for Good. We highlight how these organizations leverage Cloud for Good’s expertise in Salesforce implementation to maximize the capabilities of the customer relationship management (CRM) software and take a unique angle on nonprofit fundraising. 

You’ll hear from each team about the specific objectives they target with Classy and Cloud for Good and, most importantly, gain insight into these platforms’ impact on fundraising results.

1. Riley Children’s Foundation

Mission: To inspire people to invest in pediatric research, care, and programs that support the physical and mental health of kids.

Riley Children’s Foundation supports children by funding pediatric research, education, and primary care. The organization functions as one of the top 10 U.S. sites for pediatric health research, with 50 health centers across Indiana. 

A medical center that provides equitable access to exceptional healthcare delivery, Riley Children’s Foundation also invests significantly in training the next generation of: 

  • Pediatric clinicians 
  • Nurse practitioners 
  • Physicians 
  • Scientists 
  • Other healthcare providers 

Millions of dollars in biomedical research investments flow through Riley Children’s Foundation annually to ensure all children have the greatest chance of reaching optimal health and quality of life. That requires a focused and passionate fundraising approach that connects to donors to sustain their loyalty and leave them feeling fulfilled.  

Sharing a Giving Season to Remember for Loyal Donors

Riley Children’s Foundation took advantage of the opportunity to host a memorable fundraising campaign to kick off the year-end giving season.

On Classy’s fundraising platform, organizations see conversion rates double on average between Giving Tuesday and New Year’s Eve, and 79% of U.S. donors who give on Giving Tuesday return to give again in the new year.

Riley Children’s Foundation leveraged the Classy for Salesforce integration to create a cohesive,  multichannel approach to year-end fundraising and donor communications. With the help of Cloud for Good, their team was able to optimize reporting through Salesforce and manage the mass amounts of seasonal data better. 

Salesforce provided a unified view of data coming through the team’s Classy campaign, with dynamic reports that clarified key audiences to engage at particular milestones in the donor journey. Classy added to that information with personalized gift suggestions based on each donor’s giving history and acquisition source.

We use Salesforce (Nonprofit Success Pack) for everything from housing information and interactions with our donors to the transactional donations made. I like to say that if it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen. Our goal is for the system to be as streamlined and automated as possible so that our development team can focus on raising funds and let the system do the rest.

Katie Askey

Senior Project Manager at Riley Children’s Foundation

Impressive Results for Year-End Fundraising

Using Classy for Salesforce and Cloud for Good’s large-scale solutions, Riley Children’s Foundation saw: 

  • 22% more donations acquired by year-end
  • 19% increase in fundraising dollars

Read Riley Children’s Foundation Story

2. The CDC Foundation

Mission: To help save and improve lives by unleashing the power of collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), philanthropies, corporations, organizations, and individuals to protect the health, safety, and security of America and the world.

The CDC Foundation extends the lifesaving work of the CDC and the public health system as an independent nonprofit organization. 

It offers world-class quality of care, agility, and scientific expertise to drive lasting impact. The health information delivered by the CDC Foundation supports healthcare professionals in improving the quality of service the healthcare organization offers nationwide. The team’s fundraising is critical to the sustainability of that mission and the accuracy and integrity of their data. 

Fighting COVID-19 With Strong Tech Partners

When faced with the quickly growing COVID-19 health emergency, the CDC Foundation needed to raise funds fast. In under 24 hours, the team turned their existing Classy donation forms into a completely refreshed and up-to-date Emergency Response Fund campaign. The fundraising initiative helped the organization collect donations for immediate, flexible resources that CDC experts needed to address the public health crisis. 

With such an incredible response in donations from individuals, philanthropies, and corporations, the CDC Foundation turned to Cloud for Good to learn how to track and manage contributions better through Salesforce. Salesforce’s sophisticated reports and dashboards helped them better understand who supported its campaign and how to keep those donors involved through the height of the growing pandemic.

These improved donor management processes helped the CDC Foundation further segment communications, making each donor and corporate partner feel seen and heard. The organization also traded paper documentation and generic bulk communications for greatly improved email, phone calls, and direct mail correspondence.

I can create a donation page in under 30 minutes on Classy and that speed helps us respond quickly when [a] crisis hits.

Elizabeth Patrick

Director of Advancement Services at the CDC Foundation

We went from a donor database of 42,000 donors to over 150,000 in just a few months, and individual giving increased by 2,403%, all tracked through Salesforce. We needed this fully-integrated CRM system to handle that.

Laura Croft

Vice President for Advancement

Life-Changing Results From a 360-View of Fundraising

Cloud for Good and Classy were able to keep pace with this unprecedented fundraising effort, helping the CDC Foundation to see:

  • $30M in donations to the Emergency Response Fund in less than three months
  • $1,294,352 raised on Classy between 2020 and 2021 for the Emergency Response campaign
  • 7,240 donors engaged between 2020 and 2021 for the Emergency Response campaign

Read More About the CDC Foundation’s Campaign

Feel the Impact of Cloud for Good 


Classy’s continued partnership with Cloud for Good centers on our shared values and principles of uplifting our customers and their stakeholders. We know what it takes to activate, convert, and retain donors at every step of the supporter journey. Together with Cloud for Good, our holistic approach empowers nonprofit teams for the long term, ensuring they meet and exceed their goals. 

Organizations like the ones we’ve featured today who leverage Classy’s comprehensive fundraising platform, Salesforce’s best-in-class CRM, and Cloud for Good’s future-proof implementation services gain empowerment from centralized, actionable data that allows them to strategize beyond the borders of websites. 

Our integrated, holistic solution, coupled with Cloud for Good’s implementation expertise, keeps the supporter experience front and center, allowing you to deepen relationships and maximize supporter lifetime value with:

  • Near real-time results to sync your online fundraising data with your Salesforce instance, make informed decisions, and personalize your donor touchpoints
  • Lightning-ready technology with the deepest integration in the industry 
  • Multicurrency support that allows you to accept donations in up to 130 variations and report on the performance using Classy Passport and Salesforce
  • Nonprofit Cloud that provides you with an even simpler way to produce and measure outcomes 

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That’s why so many nonprofit health organizations partner with us to power high-impact, successful campaigns that keep donors returning.

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