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Announcing an Easy Way to Connect Classy and Raiser’s Edge

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Published May 12, 2017 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whether you’re a small organization using Google Docs or a multinational NGO using a number of complex systems, data integrity is an ongoing challenge for most nonprofits. It’s often difficult to keep data records straight and eliminate duplicates, understand donor behavior, and uncover insights and trends.

Classy’s open API lets clients and partners build fundraising, engagement, and marketing applications that use Classy data. This includes connecting applications so nonprofits can maintain data integrity across systems and build holistic views of supporters. Over the past year, several Classy partners created widgets, integrations, and custom apps to increase impact, boost operational efficiency, and leverage the Classy platform in new ways.

For years, Classy customers have benefited from our close collaboration and robust integration with Salesforce. However, organizations in the Blackbaud ecosystem didn’t have a great solution for connecting Classy supporter data to The Raiser’s Edge or BBCRM.

Until now.

Through our growing partnership with Omatic Software, that’s about to change. Today, we’re proud to announce Classy for Raiser’s Edge, a new connector application for nonprofits to efficiently maintain data integrity between Classy and The Raiser’s Edge.

The new connector app is built and maintained by the experts at Omatic Software, in collaboration with the API team here at Classy. It’s already helping customers sync data quickly and easily between systems. Here are some key features of the application.

Easy and Automated Syncing

Once configured, you can sync data between Classy and Raiser’s Edge in minutes. Organizations can transfer historical data, data from a single campaign, or groups of campaigns. Syncs can be run manually at regular intervals, or automated using Omatic’s Scheduler app.

Custom Field Mapping

Users can create custom profiles to dictate exactly which data points on Classy are applied to which fields in Raiser’s Edge. You can create one profile for all Classy data, or set unique profiles for different campaigns.

Custom Duplication Prevention Settings

With custom contact matching criteria, maintaining data integrity is easy. Define exactly which data to use to determine a duplicate record and what degree of certainty is needed before finding a match. You can manually verify, merge, or edit potential duplicates before uploading into Raiser’s Edge.

Without Classy for Raiser’s Edge, database managers could spend hours, or even days, to ensure data is properly mapped and applied to the appropriate records. This can be a painstaking process, and with large amounts of data coming through, it’s easy to make mistakes.

By automating this process with the connector, you don’t need to overwrite important data or create duplicate records. You’ll also always be able to manually review and edit any records you’d like.

Looking Towards the Future

We’ll continue working with the Omatic Software team to further improve the connector app based on your feedback. Plans for a similar BBCRM connector app are already in the works.

Classy for Raiser’s Edge is available as a standalone application, or as an add-on to the existing Import-o-Matic suite. Stay tuned for announcements about applications for more products our customers rely on to operate and maximize their impact.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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