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Brand Storytelling: Lessons From Southwest Airlines [VIDEO]

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Published May 22, 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

“I’d love to say [stories] just magically appear on our doorstep. They don’t. If any of you are curating content and trying to find content, you understand it’s a beast you keep trying to feed that’s always hungry, and you never have enough food.”

Derek Hubbard

Southwest Airlines

When we heard Derek K. Hubbard say this at the Collaborative during his fireside chat, Brand Storytelling: Stop Talking and Listen, he reinforced that we must not let the content beast deter us from creating and telling engaging stories. In fact, he said that one of the best ways to surface compelling content is to stop talking and listen to what your audience has to say.

5 Tips to Improve Your Storytelling

Whether you’re building a “feel good” narrative, a direct appeal, or a detailed how-to about your operational processes, this video can help both your nonprofit’s brand and storytelling, no matter how big or small your team.

Check Out This Free Talk to Learn:

  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Storytelling
  • Creative ideas for how your organization can source great content
  • The three types of storytelling Southwest Airlines prioritizes
  • Steps to apply their best practices to your nonprofit
  • Real world examples of great storytelling


For more lessons on nonprofit storytelling, check out the recordings from this year’s Collaborative: Virtual Sessions. You’ll have access to recordings of the 34 live sessions from the event as well as 20 bonus sessions, all of which were curated in partnership with nonprofit leaders to help you navigate the current landscape and unique obstacles facing the industry.

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storytelling at event

5 Tips to Improve Your Storytelling

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