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Published March 14, 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes

In honor of Customer Week, we’re highlighting a number of our customers and their campaigns in our social media, blog posts, and programs. Check out the examples below!

If you’d like to learn more about Customer Week, get a sneak peek of  one of the Customer Week sessions with Classy COO, Soraya Alexander and Head of Strategy, Thomas Butch, as they discuss what’s next for digital giving.

Nonprofits Supporting Educational Advancements

Thank you to all of the organizations providing resources to students in need.

Nonprofits Enriching Our Lives Through Art

We celebrate the nonprofits that instill a love of arts our enrich our lives with culture.

Organizations Saving Lives Through Care and Research

Thank you to all of the organizations supporting the health and wellness of patients and families.

Nonprofits Changing the Lives of Children

Thank you to all of the organizations changing the lives of children and advocating for their well-being.

Recent Nonprofit Relief Efforts

So many of our incredible customers step up to the plate when disaster strikes. Here are just a few examples of our customers taking immediate action to support those in need.

How to Support the People of Ukraine

Thank you to these incredible Classy organizations that are currently taking action to mobilize critical aid in Ukraine.

How to Support Tornado Relief Efforts

On the night of December 10, 2021, a string of tornadoes devastated communities in the Midwest, wreaking havoc on towns across Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Check out the Classy nonprofits that have taken the lead in providing support in the aftermath of the tornadoes. 

3 Nonprofits Contributing to the 2021 Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

On August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake followed by four aftershocks struck western Haiti and took the lives of an estimated 1,300 citizens. In response to this, see how these three Classy organizations are taking action to aid in the long road to relief that follows.

Classy Award Winners & Best in Classy

Our Classy Award Winners and Best in Classy nonprofits are prime examples of the incredible work being accomplished across the social sector.

2021 Classy Award Winners

Join us in celebrating the organizations who have continued to move the needle on some of our world’s largest issues despite the overwhelming challenges of the past year.

Meet the Best in Classy: 50 Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Examples

A successful fundraising campaign starts with a spark of inspiration, followed by the drive to make it happen. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Best in Classy.

Customer Campaigns That Drove Impact

From Giving Tuesday donations to hybrid fundraising events, take a look at these nonprofit organizations that moved the needle with the following campaigns, features, and tools.

See How This Giving Tuesday Storytelling Campaign Increased YoY Donations by $40,000

The Younique Foundation’s Giving Tuesday crowdfunding campaign combined the power of storytelling with a seamless donor experience, resulting in a donation volume increase from $9,000 in 2019 to $50,000 in 2020 on Classy. Read on to discover how a strong story, tailored coaching, and advanced digital design tools brought this campaign to life for one of our most successful fundraising organizations on Classy.

How Miry’s List Unites Donors Worldwide with Crowdfunding on Classy

Miry’s List’s Afghanistan Emergency Action Fund has unlocked generosity across the globe. The crowdfunding campaign supports their goal to help refugees from Afghanistan survive, hive, and thrive upon their arrival to the United States.

How Tunnel to Towers Unlocks Peer-to-Peer Fundraising on Classy

Tunnel to Towers unlocks the passion of its loyal donor base by allowing not only event participants but anyone passionate about the cause to get involved through simple and timely peer-to-peer fundraising. As a result, the organization unites communities everywhere to honor and recognize the events of a day we will NEVER FORGET.

How Pasadena Humane Society Successfully Launched a Hybrid Fundraising Event on Classy

Hybrid event models are quickly emerging as a new standard for nonprofits. Discover how to pair the reach of a virtual event with the excitement of connecting in person through a hybrid fundraising campaign like Pasadena Humane’s 23rd Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run campaign.

How Kesem Saved Over 100 Hours With Campaign Templating

Kesem standardized just three templates to use as a foundation for all associated 2021 fundraising initiatives. This saved their team over 100 hours.

Classy for Salesforce Saves Time and Opens Doors for HOPE Atlanta

HOPE Atlanta joined Classy in 2019 with growth as a top priority. That goal prompted them to adopt Classy’s integration with Salesforce, helping to optimize their fundraising data, nurture donor relationships, and accelerate progress toward their mission.

Tips From Successful Campaigns

We’re continuously inspired by the ingenuity and creativity our customers employ in their campaigns, events, and on their social platforms. Learn from these top campaigns.

5 Pro Tips to Plan a Far-Reaching Spring Fundraising Event

Dive into the five planning tips and proven best practices that turned Hope for Haiti’s “Hike for Haiti” challenge into a far-reaching annual spring fundraising event.

What You Can Learn From 3 of the Best Nonprofit LinkedIn Profiles

See how nonprofits like yours tap into LinkedIn’s extensive network with an optimized profile to foster engagement, connect with like-minded people, and meet key donor acquisition objectives.

Get Inspired by 10 Successful Giving Tuesday Campaigns

The best way to learn how to create a successful Giving Tuesday campaign is to learn from the best.

The Top 5 Fundraising Campaigns of 2021

Watch the on-demand webinar, Top 5 Fundraising Campaigns of 2021, to uncover what made these campaigns top performers.

Thank You Classy Customers!

This is a small sampling of Classy customers doing social good, so thank you to all of our customers driving impact to build a better world.

Ready to learn more about Customer Week? Check out one of the sessions that took place during Customer Week with Classy COO, Soraya Alexander and Head of Strategy, Thomas Butch, as they explored what’s next on the horizon in the world of digital giving.


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