Facebook Fundraising for Nonprofits

What is Facebook Fundraising?

Facebook fundraising is just what it sounds like, fundraising through the world’s largest online social network- Facebook. A nonprofit launches a fundraising campaign, individual supporters create fundraising pages, and then they share those pages with their social networks on Facebook. That’s Facebook fundraising!

Benefits of Facebook Fundraising

The primary benefit of Facebook fundraising is the ability to quickly and easily reach a lot of people.  In a traditional fundraising appeal the nonprofit reaches out to existing supporters like this:

traditional fundraising

Facebook fundraising allows you to leverage your existing supporters’ social networks and reach many more people:

 Facebook fundraising

As of November 2011, the average Facebook user had 190 Facebook friends (and that number is growing with time). This means that each time a supporter shares a fundraising page through Facebook you will, on average, reach 190 additional people. Of course there will be some overlap with existing supporters knowing the same people, but even if you cut the unique number of new people reached in half, the effect is still incredibly powerful. If you had 1,000 supporters share their fundraising pages on Facebook that’s 80,000 people you could reach!

The percentage of donations made online continues to increase rapidly year after year and over 800 million people already have Facebook accounts. Considering these facts, there can be no real doubt that nonprofits will increasingly leverage the power of online communities like Facebook to fundraise, raise awareness, and acquire new supporters.

Facebook Fundraising and Classy

Classy is a leading provider of nonprofit fundraising software. Among other things, we make it easy for nonprofit organizations to get supporters fundraising through Facebook and Twitter. Supporters can create fundraising pages in a few easy steps, customize those pages with text, photos, and video, and share them to Facebook in one click.

Best of all, each time a new donor makes a contribution to a supporter’s page, that donor’s contact information is automatically captured and stored for you in your reporting. So you don’t just get additional donation, you get a new supporter that you can communicate and build a relationship with. That’s the real power of Facebook fundraising!

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