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Beat the Streets Fuels Ambitious Growth Goals With Classy

Boys wrestling beat the streets

The Mission

To improve opportunities for underserved youth nationwide by motivating a passion for exceptional work, honesty, teamwork, and persistence through the sport of wrestling

The Challenge

Expand its chapter footprint with scalable, innovative technology

2028 visionary goal

to reach 28 new cities and engage 28,000 youth annually

Beat the Streets, a national nonprofit helping empower youth through the sport of wrestling, is accelerating its impact with Classy as its partner to reach 28,000 youth annually in 28 new cities by the 2028 Olympics. World-class UX, secure giving, frictionless payments, and innovative tech are critical to the nonprofit’s ability to scale and achieve its ambitious visionary goals. 

Raising More to Do More 

In 2021, Beat the Streets National chose Classy as its technology partner to help reach and empower underserved youth across the country. Soon after, the nonprofit launched its first campaign on the platform, the Gear Up! campaign. 

Optimized with flexible, frictionless payment options and effortless shareability via Classy for Facebook, the annual Gear Up! Initiative, now in its second year, had led to major success. Since the campaign’s inception, Beat the Streets has attracted over 250 new donors and funded more than $350,000 of gear for youth in need.  

The nonprofit currently serves 8,400 youth across 10 accredited chapters. With intentions to more than triple its existing chapter footprint by 2028, the organization expanded its toolbox
on Classy.

The tools we use are a big part of bringing people into our network. The design of our Gear Up! campaign on Classy really motivated people to be a part of it.

Ben Reiter

Beat the Streets National Executive Director

Beat the Streets National leverages the following platform features to optimize its campaigns for conversion:

Classy’s technology and Beat the Streets’ ambition will synergize to enable personalized connection at scale. 

As the organization expands, its need for scalable tech increases. Beat the Streets can ensure its offerings meet the needs of its organization, as well as the needs of its new and loyal donors, with Classy by its side. 

Now is the time for Beat the Streets National to keep reliability at the forefront of every action and business decision. 

The nonprofit leans on Classy’s Customer Care Team and Trust & Security Team, which provides 24/7/365 security scanning and threat monitoring, to ensure its donors receive the excellent experience they deserve.

We have a lot of growth to do, and we can do that with Classy.

Ben Reiter

Beat the Streets National Executive Director

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