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Published December 22, 2015 Reading Time: 3 minutes

This piece is the second in a year-end series rounding up our best posts on a few of 2015’s most popular topics. First we covered how to get creative with your fundraising efforts. Keep an eye out for more links throughout the week that share best practices and inspiring ideas that made 2015 such a success.

Planning a successful fundraising event or campaign can help increase donations, and draw new supporters and advocates to your nonprofit organization. These nine posts will help you get started with planning, throwing, and running your best event or campaign yet.

Your 9 Week Plan to Organizing a 5K Charity Run

One way to ensure a big event runs smoothly is to break it into smaller tasks. Use this checklist and schedule to help your organization plan your next run/walk event.

Read the full post here

How to Throw a Benefit Concert in 4 Simple Steps

Benefit concerts aren’t just for larger organizations. Smaller nonprofits can organize a concert and fundraise too. In this post we cover how to promote, fundraise, and find revenue sources.

How to Go Above and Beyond Your Next Event’s Fundraising Goal

The benchmark for a successful event is usually determined by how much money it raises. Your revenue doesn’t have to be limited to flat registration fees. Here, we discuss the value of combined registration and fundraising, and how to successfully implement it during your next event.

Read the full post here

INFOGRAPHIC: Race Day Road Map for Charity Run/Walks

Charity run/walks are some of the most popular fundraising events nonprofit organizations host, but they have many moving pieces. This race-day road map will help you prepare for the big event.

Read the full post here

Which Type of Fundraising Event Is Best for Your Nonprofit?

Eighty two percent of nonprofits host fundraising events to raise awareness for causes. But some events generate a higher return on investment than others. Software advice surveyed nonprofit event planners to analyze which types of events are best for different nonprofits based on their size and budget.

Read the full post here

How to Plan Your Nonprofit’s Anniversary Campaign

Celebrating your nonprofit’s anniversary is a good chance to draw interest and excitement for your future initiatives. Show the impact you’ve made and invite your audience to help push you even further toward your mission with these easy steps.

Read the full post here

8 Surefire Ways to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign

When you’re planning a fundraiser, it can feel like there are many small details you need to take care of. While every campaign is different, you can set up your fundraising campaign for success with these eight tips.

Read the full post here

How to Beat the Mid-Campaign Fundraising Slump

You’ve likely experienced the dreaded mid-campaign slump—when the activity in a fundraising campaign drops off once the excitement of the campaign launch fades. These best practices can help you minimize the effects of the slump and pave the way forward for your fundraisers.

4 Lessons From the Best Charity Run/Walks

Nonprofit charity run/walks continue to be some of the best ways raise money and awareness for causes. Here we highlight individual successes and lessons learned from four nonprofit organizations.

Read the full post here

For more information on how to plan your best nonprofit fundraising event yet, download our guide below.

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run walk guide for nonprofits

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