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8 Ways to Generate Massive Nonprofit Event Revenue

At a certain point, physical events can seem to reach an earnings ceiling due to logistical constraints. Luckily, when you couple your event with software, you break through this ceiling and can generate a much larger cash flow.

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How to Quickly Cover the Cost of Your Fundraising Software

To learn how one of our clients, Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, made such a quick return on their investment, we sat down with their director of outreach and innovation, Derek Summerville, and operations coordinator, Starla Whitaker. They shared the critical pieces of their strategy that helped them to raise considerable capital right away.

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4 Ways to Mentor and Empower Fundraisers

To empower fundraisers to achieve stellar results requires a certain level of mentorship and education. To help your organization build a team of powerhouse fundraisers, Katrina Boratko of Mama Hope shares a few mentorship tips they’ve adopted over the years after many successes and many setbacks.

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SLIDESHARE: 10 Tips to Host a Successful Run/Walk Event

The run/walk event might be one of the most common nonprofit events to host, but that doesn’t make it easy or formulaic. In fact, a well-planned run/walk can keep supporters engaged long after they cross the finish line.


4 Ways to Drive Donations Like Universities

Universities rely on their alumni donors, just like nonprofits rely on donations from their supporters. There’s a wealth of information each can learn from one another about how to engage entire communities of people.

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Why Fundraising Videos Are Your Top Marketing Tool

This guest blog is written by Stephanie Belsky, a content and community strategist, YouTube expert, and a social entrepreneur. Discover how the power of video captures attention and takes your campaign, and fundraising results, to the next level.

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