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Why Fundraising Videos Are Your Top Marketing Tool

This guest blog is written by Stephanie Belsky, a content and community strategist, YouTube expert, and a social entrepreneur. Discover how the power of video captures attention and takes your campaign, and fundraising results, to the next level.

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5 Tips to Leverage the Calendar for Your Cause

Many causes famously use one month-long campaign in a year to conduct a majority of their annual fundraising. Here are five examples of organizations leveraging the calendar annually and tips for how you can apply these strategies to your own cause.

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3 Ways Employment Data Can Increase Donations

This is a guest post by Chris LoPresti, one of the co-founders of TouchPoints, a Data-as-a-Platform company that helps organizations access high-quality data sources to locate all of the information they need to know about their donors. He shares useful ways to leverage employment data to raise more money for your cause.

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How Fundraising Software Enhances the Benevon Model

When you couple the Benevon model with fundraising software, it can amplify the model’s success for your organization. To help you understand how the Benevon model can work alongside fundraising software, we break down the four phases of the model and suggest ways you can incorporate software like Classy to power your success.

How Heifer International Modernized Their Fundraising With Peer-to-Peer

How Heifer International Modernized Their Fundraising With Peer-to-Peer

As Heifer began to build their online presence, they discovered the need to offer supporters a way to give back that personally connected them to the cause. With peer-to-peer fundraising, donors can easily share their passion for Heifer’s work and appeal to their own networks to make a difference they may have never thought possible.

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How to Engage High School Student Fundraisers

Engage high school student fundraisers and motivate them during your fundraising campaign, by focusing on the way they naturally learn. There are six key areas of student learning you can apply to your fundraising now.

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