Person shooting a nonprofit video

11 Nonprofit Videos That Inform and Inspire

Nonprofits frequently leverage video to communicate with their supporters and the public. To illustrate the different ways you can use video to advance your mission, we’ve featured 11 of our all-time favorites.

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Nonprofit Jargon: 22 Phrases We Love to Hate

Like a great song you’ve heard just one too many times, there are certain words and phrases we hear at the office that are like nails on a chalkboard. If we take an extra moment to debunk our hot, go-to terms, we stand a better chance at communicating effectively.


4 Ways to Get Press Coverage for Your Nonprofit

Securing press coverage is often viewed as a difficult exercise, but if you properly plan out a strategy your nonprofit’s story can be the next great piece of breaking news.


How to Orchestrate a Social Media Takeover from Scratch

About 30 percent of Earth’s population uses social media, and it’s a powerful tool for your nonprofit to raise brand awareness, promote events, and engage your community. Learn how to host a social media takeover and leverage the public to take your efforts to new heights.


6 Expert Tips to Create an Awesome Nonprofit Video

Filming a great nonprofit video is difficult, which is why we sat down with Classy’s media and video producer Brad Hilton for some expert tips. He explains how to optimize your next nonprofit video from pre production through post production.


Newsjacking: What It Is and How to Do It

Newsjacking is the act of leveraging breaking news to draw eyes to your organization and cause. With the right strategy, your organization can use your own blog and social media channels to become a source your community looks to for timely information and commentary.

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