16 Free Resources to Plan a Run for Charity

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Published March 4, 2019 Reading Time: 4 minutes

When you consider how to plan a run for charity, there are a lot of moving parts (pun intended). If you’re not a runner yourself, it can be difficult to anticipate the needs of your guests and create a memorable experience.

Yet with adequate research, a strong online presence, and the right online fundraising software, you can design a day that not only wows, but breaks the shackles of geographic constraints. Indeed, a successful event will attract support from near and far, and then retain it over time.

To help you organize an incredible experience for your event registrants that strengthens their sense of belonging, we’ve gathered several of our most helpful resources and bucketed them all in one place.

Hit the drawing board ready with the information below.

Plan a Run for Charity

5 Questions to Answer Before You Host a Run for Charity

Charity runs are effective fundraising events for thousands of organizations, but success isn’t guaranteed. Before you start planning, consider these questions to make sure this is the right event type for you.

Time for Q&A

The Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Run/Walk Event

Classy 5k charity run resource

Learn how to prepare a budget, recruit sponsors, manage logistics, and more in this comprehensive planning resource.

Go Step by Step

The 9-Week Plan to Organizing Charity Runs

Need your event to be up and running in a flash? Use this week-by-week checklist to ensure you’ve covered your bases.

From Couch to 5K

How to Set SMART Charity Run Fundraising Goals

“Just like the runners participating in your event, the work you do ahead of time will determine your results on the big day.” Learn how to write goals that will drive event success.

Start Strong, Finish Strong

The Right Way to Onboard and Train Volunteers

Come race day, your volunteer staff is the face of your organization. Ensure a fluid and delightful experience and take the time to equip your helpful hands.

Build a Motivation Station

Help Your Runners Prepare for a 5K

Customizable 5K Running Plan

Free Training Run Planner

This printable 5k running plan will help your runners prepare for race day. And the better they feel and perform, the more they’ll enjoy their experience. Just add your logo and you’re ready to send this off to event registrants.

Get Creative With Your Charity Run

11 Ways to Spice Up Your Annual Turkey Trot

Turkey trots abound come holiday season. Check out how to differentiate yours from the pack and create an experience that keeps runners coming back.

Did Someone Say Pie?

Organize the Nitty Gritty Race Details

How to Plan a 5K: 23 Tips From a Runner

Well-organized races can attract cult followings. Anticipate runner expectations and make sure your event wows.

Take it From a Runner

Race Day Road Map for Charity Run/Walks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic with list to help plan a run for charity

For the visually inclined, this infographic includes helpful reminders to guide you as you plan a run for charity.

Hit the Ground Running

Map Out Your Marketing Efforts

Event Marketing: Your 10-Week Social Media Plan

A strategic social media plan can amplify your event’s success. Use this checklist to reach new audiences, keep registrants informed, and pump up your community.

Don’t Miss a Beat

Leverage Online Registration With Fundraising

8 Ways to Generate Massive Nonprofit Event Revenue

Add revenue streams to your event’s traditional cash flow with event software. From virtual participation to team competitions, here are several ways this model can broaden your scope as you plan a run for charity.

Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all

The Anatomy of a Successful Registration With Fundraising Campaign

Classy 5k charity run guide

When you implement peer-to-peer fundraising into your event, you can blow the cap off your event’s earning potential. Learn how to integrate and encourage fundraising as a component of your physical event.

Level Up Your Race

INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy of a Classy Events Registration with Fundraising Page

Example for charity run

With the right software, you can design an event registration and fundraising experience that engages supporters and keeps them coming back. This example dives into the key sections of this type of online experience.

See a Campaign Example

Grow Your 5K Charity Run

How to Grow Your Run/Walk for Charity

Image of Classy 5k charity run resource guide

With any event, it’s easy to run it the same way every year. Read about different growth levers your organization can pull to instead reach new heights.

Break a Record

The Fundraising Strategy Proven to Grow an Annual 5K Charity Race

In this webinar, you’ll follow a specific example that illustrates what’s possible when you strategically plan for year-over-year growth.

Follow Their Steps

At the End of the Day

12 Moments Every Nonprofit Event Planner Understands [GIFs]

Events can feel chaotic, but sometimes that’s half the fun. Sit down for a good laugh and celebrate and relive the more comical moments.

Laugh it Up


Every touch point a potential donor has with your organization is an opportunity to deliver a remarkable experience. Your charity run is no exception. Armed with the resources you need to make strategic decisions and creative recommendations, you can plan a run for charity that retains and attracts support year after year.

spice up your 5k

How to Grow Your Run/Walk Event

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