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Giving Tuesday Ideas: 17 Resources to Plan Your Best Campaign Yet

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Published October 7, 2020 Reading Time: 5 minutes

As the global giving day that kicks off the holiday season, Giving Tuesday—the charitable counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday—calls for special attention this year. In 2019, the social sector raised more than $511 million online, a record total with an almost 28% increase in online donation volume when compared to 2018. The movement is only gaining momentum.

To help your nonprofit stand out as one of the best Giving Tuesday campaigns, we’ve assembled 17 resources chock-full of Giving Tuesday ideas and strategies to help you plan your most successful Giving Tuesday campaign yet. Check the links below for creative Giving Tuesday fundraising ideas, tips to find a corporate sponsor, Giving Tuesday and donor retention data, and more.

28 Giving Tuesday Social Media Templates

Keep your supporters engaged and updated on your campaign by sharing progress reports, announcements, behind-the-scenes information, and more on social media. To help get you started, we created 28 social media templates your team can use to create an effective Giving Tuesday social media strategy in no time.

Free Giving Tuesday Social Media Templates

Free “Save the Date” Giving Tuesday Postcard Template

Take your online fundraising campaign to the next level with this Giving Tuesday postcard. We know everyone is busy in the months leading up to Giving Tuesday, so we did the heavy lifting for you! We created a customizable save-the-date postcard template you can send your supporters to keep your nonprofit top of mind during the giving season.

Free Giving Tuesday Postcard Template

6 Creative Giving Tuesday Ideas to Inspire Your Campaign

Thousands of organizations participate in Giving Tuesday, which means you need to come prepared with a unique campaign or approach. Check out these six creative fundraising ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

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The Guide to #GivingTuesday: For All Nonprofits, Big and Small

It seems the holiday season begins earlier every year, but the frenzy of shopping truly launches the day after Thanksgiving, commonly known as Black Friday. As more and more people began to turn to online shopping, Cyber Monday emerged too. Although all this shopping is done in the name of giving gifts to loved ones, it sometimes feels like the goodwill of the holiday season fades into the background. In 2012, a few nonprofit professionals decided to do something about it.

Intrigued? Download The Guide to Giving Tuesday to learn more about how Giving Tuesday started, how far it has come, and everything else you need to plan and execute a successful campaign that captures lasting support.

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Pitch a Corporate Partnership for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

One of the most lucrative Giving Tuesday ideas to date is to find a corporate sponsor. In this post, you’ll learn how to identify potential partners, and effectively pitch a partnership to maximize your fundraising results this year.

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6 Features to Look for in a Fundraising Platform

Are you prepared to capture online donations this holiday season? Whether you’re considering an online platform for the first time, or looking to switch to a better fit, here are the key features that will catapult your Giving Tuesday campaign—as well as every other initiative—to success.

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How to Plan Your Best Giving Tuesday Campaign

In order to capitalize on the seasonal excitement, the most successful organizations plan their campaign months ahead of time. Here are three Giving Tuesday ideas to help you nail down a strategy six months out. And don’t worry if you’re just getting started—when it comes to a day as powerful as Giving Tuesday it’s better late than never.

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Infographic: How It Pays to Retain Giving Tuesday Donors

Infographic: How It Pays to Retain Giving Tuesday Donors

Classy’s team of data scientists recently created The State of Modern Philanthropya report that features online and mobile fundraising trends and closely examines donor behavior. One particular finding shows that Giving Tuesday is not only a powerful day for donor acquisition, but also a catalyst for retaining high-value donors. In fact, 15 percent of new donors give again before the next Giving Tuesday.

Learn more exciting stats and valuable trends from Giving Tuesday 2017, including data on conversion rates and social media engagement, to inform your approach this year.

View the Full Infographic

3 Steps to Plan Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Top nonprofits know that there’s so much more to fundraising than simply asking for donations. Before you send email appeals and blast your social networks, follow these steps to iron out your campaign and communication details.

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Webinar: Insider Tips for Giving Tuesday

The best way to learn is to learn from the best. Get your hands on strategic Giving Tuesday ideas and campaign advice from one of the Giving Tuesday founders, fundraising all-star MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, and the Classy team.

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Kick-Off Year-End Giving With Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

While the global giving day definitely warrants your attention, it can also work in harmony with your other year-end fundraising efforts. Use these tips to optimize your Giving Tuesday campaign and create the momentum you need to finish the year strong.

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6 Steps to Maximize Giving Tuesday Results Through Peer-to-Peer

Instead of relying on just direct donations this year, raise exponentially more money by asking supporters to create fundraising pages on your behalf. These steps will guide you through planning a stellar Giving Tuesday peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

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How to Leverage Giving Tuesday to Boost Your Fundraising Campaigns

Over 25 percent of Classy’s annual donation volume occurs from Giving Tuesday through December 31, so make sure to stretch the impact of your Giving Tuesday ideas through the end of the year. Here are a few ways you can leverage the excitement around the day to fuel your larger holiday fundraising efforts.

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5 Social Media Tips for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

With 21.2 percent of peer-to-peer fundraising dollars coming from a social media post, it’s clear that social media is a key driver of traffic and donations to your campaigns. In fact, in 2017 the hashtag #GivingTuesday garnered 21.7 billion impressions on Twitter alone. Use these 28 Giving Tuesday Social Media Templates to boost your online presence and compel people to donate to your cause.

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7-Day Marketing Plan for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

The week leading up to the big day is the most important time to keep your nonprofit top of mind, encourage supporters to share your content, and continue to increase your reach. Here, we break down a strategic marketing plan to build hype and mobilize supporters in those final seven days.

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Giving Tuesday Was a Hit—Now What?

Giving Tuesday might be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to let the excitement around your organization fizzle out. Use these tips to wrap up your campaign and keep supporters engaged until your next one.

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How to Capitalize on the Giving Tuesday Buzz, After Giving Tuesday

These tips focus on your follow-up, so you can engage and retain all of those new donors after the big day. Learn how to write a proper donor thank you, create a welcome series for new supporters, and re-engage your donors in the post below.

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With these resources under your belt, you can gear up for your most impressive turnout yet and hit the ground running for the rest of the giving season. For even more Giving Tuesday tools, templates, and tips check out Classy’s Giving Tuesday resource library below.

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Giving Tuesday Social Media Templates

Giving Tuesday Social Media Templates

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