PODCAST: 10+ Life Lessons From the COO of Movemeant Foundation

By Erin Hall
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“I think ultimately my biggest takeaway from watching [the publishing industry] unfold over 15 years was really a lesson in understanding that we cannot sit still.”

Sitting still was never a hallmark of Charina Lumley’s career.

The first 15 years of her professional life, she worked in print and publication in the city that never sleeps, New York.

Then, she committed what many would call “career suicide.”

She left behind the stability and glam of the Big Apple and followed an itch. She became a parks ranger for the National Parks Service–a position that ultimately led her to the action sports industry and her active lifestyle. Ten years later, trusting the opportunities presented to her along this jagged journey, she now straddles the for-profit and nonprofit worlds: she serves as both the head of growth for a startup SaaS company and the COO of the Movemeant Foundation, an organization empowering women and girls to lead active lifestyles.

Forty minutes with Charina flew by thanks to a multitude of life lessons and advice peppered among stories of her own professional development. Here are just a few highlights:

On Career Growth

“There are two ways to climb a ladder right. The first way is you can step on people on your way to the top or alternatively you can reach back down and help them up.”

On Leadership

“It’s what happens behind closed doors when no one is looking. That’s real leadership.”

On Life’s Natural Course

“Some of the experiences on our path is never direct, but it all eventually amounts to something spectacular that we can’t see yet.”

On Marching Forward

“We absolutely fail many things and we learn and then we move on. We don’t beat ourselves over the head and say, ‘We totally failed.’ We just move on and say, “It’s no big deal.’ We improve and the next time we march forward.”

On How to Communicate Impact

“I feel for us it’s important for us to do impact storytelling just as much as it’s important for us to also share some volume numbers so that people can quantifiably see growth.”

On Getting Un-Stuck

“I always find myself trying to be open to new opportunities. And part of that is being willing to listen and always saying yes to nearly every meeting– but I always think it’s worth it.”

Check out this episode of the Classy Podcast to hear Charina discuss even more about:

  • The interconnectedness of the for-profit and nonprofit worlds
  • The for-profit business practices that play a role in a nonprofit, and vice versa
  • How to stay relevant and up-to-date in rapidly changing environments
  • The impact of selfless leadership
  • The power of trusting your heart when it comes to big career decisions

Resources Mentioned on the Show:

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