16 Reasons Why Everyone Should be Thankful For Nonprofits

By Terri Harel
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It isn’t difficult to think of reasons to be thankful for nonprofit organizations. From providing vital and basic services to giving voice to the voiceless, nonprofit organizations fill every type of role you can imagine. They change lives and enrich them; mobilize communities and build them. As Robert Egger put it, they’re everything!


We polled staff members around the office to get a better understanding of why we’re all so thankful for, and passionate about, nonprofit organizations. One of the most frequent responses had to do with giving us hope which, alone, is incredibly honorable. From us to you, thank, thank, thank you for all that you do!

Why Everyone Should be Thankful for Nonprofits


(In no particular order)


1. Nonprofits give us strength: So many organizations provide support networks during our most difficult times, giving us strength today and hope for a better tomorrow.

2. Nonprofits give us purpose.

Nonprofits are DOING something about the social issues many of us care about but don’t know how or where to start to affect change.

– Erin, Director of Marketing

3. Nonprofits provide us with a safe space.

Nonprofits make us feel valued: I’m thankful for non-profit organizations that strive for social good and bring humanity back to issues that are often stigmatized and leave those affected by them needing the most help.

– Ed, Customer Success

4. Nonprofits allow us to enjoy the arts: Countless museums and art associations are nonprofit organizations that make the creative arts accessible to all.

5. Nonprofits grow communities.

Nonprofits and their services often represent a turning point in countless people’s stories. And because the communities they build remind individuals they are not alone.

– Liz, Staff Writer

6. Nonprofits step in when others won’t.

By design, they attempt to provide things society needs that fall between what the government and the private sector can’t (or won’t) provide. That’s pretty cool. They’re also trying to accomplish a lot with a little.

– Mike, Director of Business Development

7. Nonprofits teach us the value and reward of teamwork.

Nonprofits show us that there is still hope for change driven by communities. They teach us the value of investing in human capital, and what barriers can be broken when people work together.

– Stacey, Designer

8. Nonprofits level the playing field.

Non-profits bring solutions and awareness to problems and issues that, in many instances, would otherwise go unnoticed.

– Pete, VP of Engineering

9. Nonprofits are huge employers: They account for over 10% of private sector jobs in the US and more than 7% worldwide!

10. Nonprofits dare us to dream.

Nonprofits make the impossible their mission.

– Allison, Staff Writer

11. Nonprofits care about everyone and everything: You can find an organization for just about anything!

12. Nonprofit staff sacrifice a lot in order to do good: From long hours to dangerous circumstances, affecting change is hard work.

13. Nonprofits are information and resource creators

We should be thankful for nonprofits because while not everyone will need to rely on the help of one, there are many organizations that are well-established, connected and prepared to help people when they don’t know where, when and how to start to help themselves.

– Jo, Customer Success

14. Nonprofits give us hope.

We should be thankful for nonprofits because they give society hope.

-Arin, Account Executive

15. Nonprofits inspire us to be better people.

Everyone should be thankful for nonprofits because they help bring out the inherent goodness of people.

– Rachel, Account Strategist

16. Nonprofits demonstrate that solutions to difficult problems do exist.

I’m thankful for nonprofits because their leadership has taken on the enormous task of solving social problems (problems that affect every person in some way). Solving these problems requires enormous expertise, diligence and collaboration! Mad ‘spect.

– Tori, CLASSY Awards

And we know there are so many more reasons for us to be thankful for nonprofit organizations, so now we want to hear from you! Feel free to comment or Tweet us, @Classy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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