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100 Donor Survey Questions

100 Donor Survey Questions for Your Nonprofit

A well-crafted survey can uncover countless actionable insights around your nonprofit’s donors, their behaviors, and their opinions. Get 100 example survey questions and start creating your next survey today.

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3 Steps to Make Your Nonprofit More Data-Driven

Learn how your nonprofit can cultivate a data-driven mentality by maintaining data transparency, focusing on actionable metrics, and hiring the right team.

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15 Creative Ways to Thank Donors

When you thank your donors, you can do more than just send a thank you note. Use these 15 creative ways to say thank you, delight your donors, and keep them coming back for more.

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8 Nonprofit Conferences You Need to Attend This Year

There are so many nonprofit conferences happening this year, and trying to choose which ones to attend can be an overwhelming task. We gathered eight of the best conferences you need to attend this year.

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Business, Technology, & Operations

Do You Truly Own Your Nonprofit Donor Data?

Hear from Michael Prodor, technical engagement manager, and Wes Goldstein, director of strategic services, as they outline why it’s so important you own your own data and how you can make sure it’s truly yours.


Classy’s Top 7 Nonprofit Webinars of 2018

Explore the top 7 most popular nonprofit webinars Classy hosted in 2018, and then download the recordings for each one and start digging in to level-up your nonprofit.

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