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brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling: Lessons From Southwest Airlines [VIDEO]

Whether you’re building a “feel good” narrative, a direct appeal, or a detailed how-to about your operational processes, this video can help both your nonprofit’s brand and storytelling, no matter how big or small your team.

Leadership, Management, & Culture

14 Ways You and Your Nonprofit Team Are Avengers [GIFs]

Explore these fun GIFs to see the ways you and your team are as loyal to the cause as Captain America, strategy-driven as Iron Man, dedicated to your people as Thor, and relentlessly strong as The Hulk


4 Examples of Content Marketing in Action

Dig into these four real-world content marketing examples from Classy and see how you can refine your content marketing strategy with clear goals, consistent publications, strong design, and existing content.

100 Donor Survey Questions

100 Donor Survey Questions for Your Nonprofit

A well-crafted survey can uncover countless actionable insights around your nonprofit’s donors, their behaviors, and their opinions. Get 100 example survey questions and start creating your next survey today.

Business, Technology, & Operations

3 Steps to Make Your Nonprofit More Data-Driven

Learn how your nonprofit can cultivate a data-driven mentality by maintaining data transparency, focusing on actionable metrics, and hiring the right team.

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