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7 Emails Your Nonprofit Can Send During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Your email marketing is more important than ever during the coronavirus outbreak. Use these seven examples that nonprofits have sent to their audience to inspire your own efforts and keep your supporters well-informed of any big changes you’re making and how they can take action.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits

LinkedIn for Nonprofits: 8 Strategies for Success

Use these eight strategies to build a presence on LinkedIn that’s professional, polished, and attractive to other likeminded nonprofit professionals, brands, and anyone looking to connect with your organization.

speaker on stage doing a presentation at the nonprofit conference the Collaborative 2019
Leadership, Management, & Culture

7 Nonprofit Conferences You Need to Attend This Year

There are so many nonprofit conferences happening this year, and trying to choose which ones to attend can be an overwhelming task. We gathered seven of the best conferences you need to attend this year.

5 Ways Online Fundraising Pays for Itself

5 Ways Online Fundraising Pays for Itself [GUIDE]

Learn how to account for all the ways online fundraising software will benefit your team and provide value, like time-saving features, automation, engaging donor experiences, and more.

Facebook fundraising tips

5 Facebook Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

Learn how to use Facebook as a powerful lever that helps amplify your fundraising efforts by tapping into new audiences, spreading brand awareness, and promoting your campaigns.

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How to Work Ahead for a Successful Giving Tuesday Campaign

It might seem like overkill to kick off your Giving Tuesday campaign planning in February. However, if you take small, measured actions throughout the year, you can set your organization up to be as creative and successful as possible.


25 Twitter Tips for the Modern Nonprofit

Use these 25 Twitter tips to help your nonprofit navigate the noisy social platform, cut through the noise, engage followers, and tap into new audiences.

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