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Why You Should Engage One-Time Donors Sooner

See why there’s an opportunity for your nonprofit to re-engage one-time donors sooner than their one-year anniversary, and learn how you can sign them up as recurring givers.

nonprofit summer slump

11 Ways to Make the Most of the Summer Slump

When the summer slump comes on, use these 11 tips to boost your nonprofit’s productivity, hone new skill sets, learn new fundraising strategies, and so much more.

Top 10 TED Talks speaking to a room

Top 10 TED Talks for Nonprofit Leaders

Watch these 10 TED Talks to motivate and inspire your organization to overcome apathetic attitudes, refine your leadership tactics, inspire action, and so much more.

Leadership, Management, & Culture

9 Nonprofit Podcasts You Need on Your Radar

Use these 9 podcast recommendations as tools to help increase your nonprofit knowledge, whether you’re scaling impact, growing your community of supporters, or looking to develop your career further.

brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling: Lessons From Southwest Airlines [VIDEO]

Whether you’re building a “feel good” narrative, a direct appeal, or a detailed how-to about your operational processes, this video can help both your nonprofit’s brand and storytelling, no matter how big or small your team.

Leadership, Management, & Culture

14 Ways You and Your Nonprofit Team Are Avengers [GIFs]

Explore these fun GIFs to see the ways you and your team are as loyal to the cause as Captain America, strategy-driven as Iron Man, dedicated to your people as Thor, and relentlessly strong as The Hulk

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