Classy’s Top 5 Posts in 2015

By Ellie Burke
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This piece is the last in a year-end series rounding up our best posts on a few of 2015’s most popular topics. Previously we discussed how to get creative with your fundraising ideas, plan a successful fundraising event/campaign, and thank donors in a meaningful way. To close the series we’ve compiled the top five posts written in 2015. Here at Classy, it has truly been an honor to be a part of your fundraising journey this year and witness so many successful stories.

This was a big year for the nonprofit industry, and we’ve got the posts to prove it. Here are five topics covered in 2015 that resonated with nonprofit professionals in a big way.

Your 9 Week Plan to Organizing a 5K Charity Run

A run/walk event might seem like a large undertaking, but when you divide up your tasks into a step-by-step plan, suddenly what might have been an intimidating event is now an exciting and manageable project. Use this checklist and schedule to gear up for a run/walk event quickly or to help you plan out months in advance.

INFOGRAPHIC: The ULTIMATE Thank You for Nonprofits

Saying “please” and “thank you” is one of the very first etiquette lessons we learn as young members of society. This essential practice is a huge part of the day-to-day practices of your nonprofit as you continuously receive support from others. In this infographic, we’ve outlined several different ways you can get in touch with donors to say thanks and included tips for writing a note that stands out from the crowd.

15 GIFs That Sum Up Your Nonprofit Life

There’s a certain thrill to discovering that a particular feeling of yours—be it of joy or frustration—is shared by another. These moments remind us that we’re not alone in our quests to reach our goals, and they lend us the strength that helps us motor on. Here are 15 GIFs that perfectly sum up many of these shared feelings across the social impact sector.

A Letter From Classy’s Co-Founders: Three Exciting Announcements, a Glimpse Into the Future and a Sincere Thank You

In June we shared some big news at Classy. The receipt of significant investments and new members to our board and team all contributed to our ability to expand our vision to mobilize and empower the world for good. Get the details in this post and hear what our co-founders had to say about the news.

21 Creative Fall Fundraising Ideas

You can never have too many creative ideas to put on the drawing board. Here, we’ve included a number of exciting ways to raise funds and awareness that you’ve likely never tried. Ever hosted a grape stomp? How about an event that launches pumpkins from trebuchets?

A great deal goes into your fundraising efforts throughout the year. These five posts might be on five different topics, but at their core they represent the continual effort to improve processes and develop up-to-date, relevant, and meaningful experiences as champions of a cause.

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