July Update: More Resources for Nonprofits on Classy

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In May, we published the first version of Classy’s Getting Started Guide. It provided the basics of setting up your Classy account and a walkthrough of running your first peer-to-peer campaign on the platform, since peer-to-peer is the most common campaign nonprofits run on Classy.

Now, we’ve launched the full guide, which includes every campaign type and more resources to learn how to fully utilize the fundraising platform.

Specifically, the Guide helps organizations get acquainted with Classy, choose a campaign type, and launch that campaign. We know adopting a new technology can feel daunting, so we’re working on making it as easy as possible to dive in and launch your first campaign in no time.


classy getting started guide
A screenshot of the new Classy Getting Started Guide. It covers everything from Account Set Up to a step-by-step walkthrough of each campaign type.

Testing the New Peer-to-Peer Campaign

In July, the product team powered towards another milestone for the new Peer-to-Peer campaign: Alpha. What’s that mean? A small group of nonprofits are testing the next generation of peer-to-peer with their teams and fundraisers. Alpha testers build a campaign, provide feedback on their experience, and go through an interview with the product manager who, in the case of Peer-to-Peer, is Matt Lackey. Matt spoke to dozens of nonprofits last month to understand what they’re most excited about and what still needs improvement before we roll out the full upgrade.

Stay tuned to the blog because we’re about to head into Beta and publish more details about features that will make fundraising a lot easier for your team and your fundraisers.


A nonprofit testing the upgraded Peer-to-Peer campaign will build their campaign in the new Designer (above) and launch it to get feedback from individual and team fundraisers.


Have suggestions or feedback about these resources or the new Peer-to-Peer campaigns? Please let us know in the comments or email [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you. 

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