November Update: The 4 Phases of New Peer-to-Peer

By Terri Harel
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Software isn’t static. There’s always something to learn from or improve upon. After each phase of a product release, product managers and designers ask themselves and users:

  • What worked and what didn’t?
  • What is preventing people from using the product?
  • Where are users stuck and how can we improve their experience?

In November, we continued this process, iterating on the usability and customizability of the new Fundraising Suite.

The 4 Phases of Classy’s New Peer-to-Peer Campaign


Even before Alpha, the product team engaged with account managers, customer success, and nonprofit users for research. After that, the team launched the very first phase of Classy’s new Peer-to-Peer campaign, which was relatively basic in functionality. Because we had already released Crowdfunding, the foundation of a customizable landing page was there, but there was a lot to be improved upon for the team and individual pages.


To reach Beta, we focused on those missing components: the Classy development team improved the fundraiser sign up flow and an organization’s ability to manage team and individual pages.


Here’s a screenshot of our internal customer notes page. Product Managers and Product Marketers use this page to document what’s new or being worked on.

Official Release

“Official Release” of Peer-to-Peer, which happened in October, meant that anything you could do on Classic Peer-to-Peer could be done with new Peer-to-Peer. The team calls this “feature parity.”

Throughout these phases, the design team dug into usability and made incremental improvements to make the Designer easier to navigate.

Post Release

After a product “officially” launches, developers make constant improvements to usability, as well as add features and expand functionality. These efforts broaden the ways organizations can use the product and make it more effective for more types of organizations!

What’s New in Peer-to-Peer’s Post Release?

Along with improvements in usability, in November, the Classy product team gave organizations even more control over the look and feel of their new Fundraising Suite campaign pages, including:

Custom Campaign Short URLs

  • How to use it: Long awaited, you can now give your campaign a memorable URL that makes it easy to share with supporters through email, text, and social media. The team also made structural improvements to Short URLs, so domain masked organizations can now claim the same URLs as other domain masked organization.
  • For example, let’s say two organizations, Awesome Org and Education Fund, both have year-round peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns on Classy.
    • Awesome Org can claim
    • Education Fund can now also claim


Campaign Short URLs are now available in the new Fundraising Suite.

Add a Custom HTML/CSS Block (Paid Plans only)

  • How to use it: That’s it. We don’t define how a Content Block has to look for your campaign. Now you can code blocks and include the most important content to your organization, whatever way you want to present it.

Hide Content Blocks From Your Page

  • How to use it: Remove content blocks you don’t want to use. For example, you could replace the Impact Block with a Custom HTML/CSS Block and create your highly customized impact levels or donate buttons.  

Full “What You See Is What You Get” on All Content Blocks

  • How to use it: If you wanted to include an image in a Text Block when we first released new Peer-to-Peer, you’d have to copy/paste that image from a word processor. Now, you can simply add a photo or video with a click of a button.


Building new products is like building a house. You blueprint, build a solid foundation, a skeleton— the minimum viable materials to be considered a dwelling—and then make continuous improvements, adding to it the bells and whistles that make it your home. 

The Anatomy of a Successful Peer-to-Peer Campaign

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