PODCAST: How Heifer’s Former CMO Leads With Intuition

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Two months ago, Cindy Jones-Nyland stepped down as CMO of Heifer International, citing in a recent blog that “intuition spoke very clearly about needing to allow more time and space for other things I am passionate about, and for spending more moments with my family.”

This trust in her own judgment and courage to take new steps are exactly what define Cindy as a leader.

Her advice on authenticity in leadership and using intuition to make important life and career decisions, as well as her healthy opposition to the work/life balance debate, will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated in your own position. Not to mention, she shares a behind-the-scenes take from her experience running the marketing team of one of the largest, most trusted nonprofits in the world.

In this episode, Cindy talks about:

  • Her recent personal decision to leave Heifer
  • Why great leaders should trust their intuition
  • The surprising mentor who shaped one of her core values
  • The unique challenges of running a legacy brand
  • The tactics Heifer employs to fight complacency and drive innovation

Listen Now: Cindy Jones-Nyland

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