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Top Nonprofit Grows Online Revenue With Targeted Fundraising Campaigns


By Ellie Burke

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The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is dedicated to championing the rights of communities to a Delaware River and tributary streams that are free-flowing, clean, healthy, and abundant with a diversity of life.

In 2017, they made considerable strides against their goals, growing their online revenue on Classy by 48.46 percent year over year.

What’s even more impressive is that they achieved this growth without radical changes to their development strategy. They refined existing tactics to grow.

Targeted Fundraising Campaigns

We learned to improve our storytelling and to focus on more high-profile issues. We also ran some campaigns targeted to specific audiences rather than hit the entire membership with every fundraiser. We focused on the members’ interests and their location more. This way we were able to have one or two big broadly based campaigns while running smaller more targeted campaigns in between.

Tim White

CIO, The Delaware Riverkeeper Network

They also refined their Giving Tuesday campaign to grow, and added Pardot to their Salesforce. According to Tim, “This enabled us to segment and analyze our member interest to better customize our campaigns.”

Achieve Similar Results

Whenever you start a new campaign, consider your target audiences and what modifications you might make to increase engagement within each group.

Tim suggests,

Try to segment your audience. You can do a few smaller campaigns simultaneously to targeted groups rather than trying to find one big issue that would appeal to all of them every time. You will always have your big broad-based campaign, but you will be able to avoid being repetitive.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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