INFOGRAPHIC: Wicked Awesome Facts About Boston Nonprofits Need to Know

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boston landscape graphic

The historic city of Boston is known for a great deal—successful sports teams, historic events, New England delicacies, you name it. Importantly, since its early connection to the establishment of our nation’s independence, it’s maintained a reputation for progress and innovation that continues to drive the entire country forward.

Boston’s city and state governments are a large part of what fosters its culture of innovation. The city even has its own “innovation district” and specific resources dedicated to the start-up community. In fact, Boston is a top destination for social entrepreneurs around the country thanks to the Collaborative, an annual three-day immersive experience where today’s changemakers develop meaningful connections that help them accelerate impact.

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To showcase why this city should be on your radar, we created an infographic full of fun facts about Boston and socially innovative organizations leading the way. Check it out below to see for yourself what makes this city so special and progressive.


Facts About Boston Infographic

At the Collaborative, you can be at the heart of it all and learn how to foster social innovation at your organization and within your larger community.


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